5 Advantages of installing Small Vending Machines in the office:

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Small Vending Machine: The well-being at work depends a lot on the small details and there are few moments as pleasant and relaxing during the working day as having a cup of quality coffee in the office. And for this small vending machines are your best ally.

This simple time, allows you to relax from tension and stress while sharing a few minutes with the rest of your classmates.

Advantages of Small Vending Machines:

But what advantages do the company and its employees have with Drink machines?

1. A vending coffee machine reduces preparation times and travel time to a nearby cafeteria to drink a cup of coffee and returns to the workplace. That is, the first advantage, the productivity of the company. In addition, we must add that coffee is cheaper for employees compared to a normal coffee shop.

2. Product cost savings. With a manual coffee maker, maintenance and product costs fall on the company. However, when it comes to a coffee vending machine, it is each user who pays for consumption, with a lower price than what it means to take it in the cafeteria.

In addition, the drink machine is cleaner, coffee is prepared inside the machine. As a result, products such as milk or sugar do not have to be stored outside, which minimizes involuntary spills on carpets or floors.

3. Improves the work environment. The inconveniences of manual machines can create a bad environment in an office. Clean the coffee maker, buy or replace the coffee, involuntary spills. Neither anger nor responsibilities: we just have to introduce the currency and wait for the coffee to be served. That easy!

4. On the other hand, coffee vending machines offer a greater variety for employees than a manual coffee maker. Moreover, employees can take an American coffee or tea to cappuccino or coffee, vending machines have an extensive menu of drinks to offer.

5. Last but not least, it improves the image of the company in front of employees, who feel more valued. This type of service for instance, like so many others that your company can have is considered positively by both the workers and the candidates.


In this way, vending food and drink machines provide comfort and well-being to many employees in large companies. If the company does not exceed 20 employees, the ideal is to have a small coffee machine or capsules. For example they are handled more easily and among the few workers there is less risk of accidents.

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In summary, if you want to increase the satisfaction of your employees in their work environment and increase the productivity of your equipment, small vending machines are a very successful solution and now you know that you can opt for this quality service.

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