Advantages of a Vending Machine Rental for your company:

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Advantages of a Coffee Vending Machine Rental

You have a company and, like many others, you have also realized that your employees need a coffee, a soda, a snack or a mid-morning meal without leaving the workplace. The best solution is to acquire a vending machine rental.

And, in addition, surely you have thought about it because the current reality is that it is increasingly common to find companies that manage their own vending machines. They set in their facilities, regardless of their size.


Advice on supply systems:

There are a few things to consider when choosing a suitable Coffee vending machine. The location and the associated use in particular play a major role in the selection.

Capacity is an important point here. If a Coffee vending machine has too little capacity, it must be refilled very often. Devices with a higher capacity save a lot of work here. This point should also not be forgotten in the case of hot beverage vending machines, with capacities from 400 to 1200 cups.

The space available also plays an important role when choosing a machine. While vending machines for hot drinks are relatively narrow, vending machines for drinks can be more than one meter wide.

So that you do not encounter unexpected problems, we will be happy to advise you in detail about the various supply options through vending machines.

All have discovered that the benefits of a rented vending machine are many.


It is not expensive:

Low investment is needed so that, with low purchase volume, the company can make the rental fee of the machine profitable. In addition, the ability of many vending companies, such as “” offers the best Coffee vending machines on rent.


Vending Machine Rental Simple Process:

The company chooses one of our coffee machines for offices and we install it. We take care of the replacement of products, the constant maintenance of the machine and we offer a technical assistance service 24 hours a day.

Also, after installation, we configure the machine at a technical level based on customer requests. And it is always the company that manages its machine and consumables, with the operating benefits entirely for it. But, there are more advantages.

vending machine

Services Provided:

And that, in short, is a non-stop business for the company itself, since it is accessible at any time of the day to consume what the staff needs: a coffee, tea, chocolate, and etc. The company can thus obtain income throughout the day, so it is a great benefit.

The company has the freedom to set the prices that it wishes to its products:

By renting coffee vending machines for offices (coffee makers), the company will be in charge of setting the prices (and margins) of everything it offers.

Having a Coffee vending machine rental at your own company is a benefit for you and your employees. You can get profitability and offer what your workers need at any time.

So if you are interested in Coffee vending machine rental, contact us. In, we will leave everything done so that using the machine is very easy.

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