Air Freight

Respond to disruptions with a reliable solution that is faster, more frequent and predictable.

Take your supply chain to the skies

Air Freight is your gateway to safe, efficient and reliable air transport of your time-sensitive, high-value cargo.

Our air services are designed to meet your specific requirements, leveraging our own-controlled freighter network, strategic partners, or our in-house freight airline to fly your goods quickly and efficiently across the globe.

Expand your reach to customers around the globe with a stand-alone service or by integrating our other inland and ocean transport modes, warehousing, and customs services for a seamless end-to-end solution.

Maersk Air Freight services

No destination is too far now

More than just about speed

Air Freight is a powerful tool to have in your supply chain strategy. Notably, it can offer you flexible and agile solutions for today’s ever-changing markets. Additionally, leveraging air freight can significantly expedite your logistics processes. Moreover, it provides a competitive edge by ensuring timely deliveries in a dynamic business environment.

air freight

Enhance operational control and flexibility by leveraging our owned air fleet, expertly managed through our third-party logistic partner. This strategic collaboration ensures efficient logistics solutions, meeting diverse supply chain demands.

Better ground control with global gateways

Cost control

Low inventory costs

Highly reliable cargo timelines

air freight

Quick response to disruptions

Smarter operations

Seamless journey with one point of contact

Security from start to finish

Rest assured, we ensure your cargo is in good hands by employing the best security and cargo protection measures. Additionally, our commitment includes monitoring storage and handling through advanced CCTVs, conducting weight checks at both origin and destination points. Furthermore, we closely monitor ULD build-up using seals and ULD Numbers for added security. To enhance vigilance, our comprehensive checklists meticulously track your cargo’s condition throughout its supply chain journey, ensuring transparency and accountability every step of the way.

Benefit from a more agile supply chain by integrating your ocean shipment with air freight solutions.

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