Are Vending Machines a Good Side Hustle?

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There’s been a lot of positive talk about vending machines lately. We’ve been hearing success stories of how people are earning a decent income from this business. Vending machines are also popping up in many parts of the country. This is a direct effect of the growing demand, as consumers are now using these machines more and more.

Are Vending Machines a Good Side Hustle?

Because of the huge profit potential, some people have actually quit their day jobs to run a vending machine business full-time. These are mostly serious investors who invest in dozens of machines in multiple locations across the country. However, there are also many individuals who are successfully operating just one or two vending machines as a side hustle. So if you are thinking of supplementing your regular income with these machines, it is definitely possible!

How Much Can You Earn from Vending Machines?

Before you go ahead and buy a vending machine, you need to know if it is going to be a worthwhile venture. In other words, will it turn a decent profit? Will it yield a good return on investment? How much can you expect to earn in a month, or in a year?

There are many factors that contribute to the potential earnings of vending machines. First is the viability of the location. High-traffic areas like schools, office buildings, and hospitals are usually the most profitable choices for vending machines. Then, there is the matter of your merchandise. Records show that snacks and beverages are by far the most saleable products. Of course, the choice of products should also be attuned to the demand of your target market.

On average, vending machines rake in about €200 a month. Given optimal conditions and with the right vending strategies, you can double this number to €400 monthly. And yes, we are talking about net profits.

Can You Operating a Vending Machine Business While Working a Full-Time Job?

Now that we have confirmed the profitability of vending machines, we come to the question of whether or not it is feasible as a side hustle. To be perfectly honest, running a vending machine is not as easy as some people think, at least not in the beginning. Apart from all the planning, strategizing, and preparation, there are quite a few things you need to take care of like licenses and registrations, contracts, equipment, and so on. Not to mention, you also need to replenish stock, collect money, and see to the regular maintenance of your machines.

All these will require a lot of time and effort, which might not be easy with a full-time job. But then again, you don’t necessarily have to do it all yourself. You can delegate all these tasks by partnering with a reputable vending machine company like As a leading vending company in Ireland since 1930, they can definitely take care of everything, from planning to machine repairs, and all you have to do is enjoy the profits!

So to answer the question of whether vending machines are a good side hustle, it is a big yes. You just need to make sure that you have the right vending company at your side. Learn more about and their cutting-edge vending solutions by booking a free consultation today!

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