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Among the Northern Ireland counties, Armagh is the smallest, with an area of 512 sq. mi. It does have a sizable population of more than 194,000. This makes it a suitable place to start a vending business. In fact, starting an Armagh vending machine business today is highly viable since the demand is ripe but there are still very few players in the industry.

Armagh Vending

Recommended Items for an Armagh Vending Business

Starting an Armagh vending business is exciting but it does come with a number of challenges. There are dozens of decisions that you need to make. One of these is choosing the kind of items that you want to sell. These days, you can sell just about anything in a vending machine. From the standard snacks to toiletries to more unlikely products like caviar or even wigs!

If you want to make the most profit out of your Armagh vending business, you need to decide on the type of machine that will sell well and generate a decent profit per sale. Here are some of the top choices for you.

Coffee Machines

People in the UK are coffee lovers. They will take it hot or cold and in all kinds of varieties. Hot coffee machines are especially suitable for offices, universities, and hospitals. These are places where customers are likely to need some kind of picker-upper to keep them awake. Coffee does this very well so a coffee machine is practically sure to yield a decent profit.

Ice Vending Machines

The demand for ice in Ireland is much higher than most people perceive. In addition, an ice vending machine is pretty simple and does not require a lot of complex features. In other words, it is a smaller investment than many other types of vending machines. So even if the selling price is not high, you can still have a higher profit margin from an ice vending machine.

Soda Vending Machines

Armagh vending machines that dispense soda and other cold drinks are sure to be a hit. The best places to install these machines are in locations where people are most in need of refreshment, such as a gym, recreation center, or school cafeteria. Offer the best-selling brands and you will probably be refilling your machine daily. That’s how fast these items can sell.

Snacks Vending Machines

The best spots to put up a snack vending machine are those where people are too busy to buy food elsewhere. Office break rooms, manufacturing plants, and schools are such places. Instead of going out to get lunch, people can simply buy their favorite snacks from the vending machine down the hall.

Choose the Best Armagh Vending Machine Provider

Just as important as choosing the right products is your choice of vending solutions provider. This is really not hard because there is only one company to call, and that is

A leading automat provider for all kinds of products, has served all of Ireland and Northern Ireland for the last several years. If you are interested in beginning a successful Armagh vending business, call us and we will get you started right away!

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