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Buy your own machines

Buy your own vending machine

If you are looking to buy an individual machine for your business and manage it yourself or if you are simply looking to start your own vending machine company, there is no better possible partner in this country than our organization.

We helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to jump into the vending world offering our experience and expertise that we have developed through our history for you to succeed.

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There are many benefits that we can offer you if you decide to partner with us:

  • Experience: You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, we can offer the understanding and expertise that we have achieved through the years in this market, to make the best possible experience for you while starting into the vending world.

Vending Machine Experience
  • Finance: We have a wide range of finance options available via our extensive investment banks ready to back your project. We can put you in contact with the relevant experts in the market for you to raise funds to kick off with your project.


Elite Care Technical Service:

Our Elite Care Technical Service will keep your machines working at their very best, ensuring they enjoy of their maximum lifespan.

    1. Local service teams and depots focused on providing a service you can rely on
    2. No hidden costs: fully inclusive, great value
    3. Highly skilled engineers, trained and employed by
    4. Unlimited callouts supported by our Irish and UK call centre

Elite Care Technical Service

National coverage:

With our nationwide service, is easy to scale up any project you may have. Specially if your project is considering multi-locations in different parts of the country. Having the flexibility to partner with our organization will allow you to plan knowing that we will be there, looking after your vending requirements in every corner of Ireland and North of Ireland.

National coverage

24/7 Customer Support Line:

We have a dedicated support line available 24/7 for all our clients, where you can report any issues or enquires you may have simply calling +353-014448233. We intend to deal with every call within 24 hours from the moment we receive it.

24/7 Customer Support Line

Support Line for your clients:

We offer a 24/7 customer support line for your clients in case you want us to answer the calls for you, take the message and report it back to you live.

Support Line for your clients

Dedicated Account Manager:

Each customers have their own dedicated account manager who will work in partnership with you to ensure your self-serve solution is continuously meeting all your needs.

Dedicated Account Manager

Environmentally responsible:

We commit to offset as much as we can the CO2 footprint that the machines we manufacture generate during their production, planting trees around the world. Find out more about our initiatives here.

Environmentally responsible

Vending Machine Removal:

If your client has an old vending machine in their premises, and they own the asset but want to dispose it, we will do that at the best affordable rate, replacing the old machine for a brand new one.

Vending Machine

HSE Registration advise:

If your intention is to sell food items via a vending machine, you need to register your business with the HSE under current regulations. We will give you all the advice needed in this regard to make this process as easy as possible.

HSE Registration advise

HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) Plan:

If your intention is to sell food items via a vending machine, you will need a HACCP Plan in order to comply with current regulations. Our experts will support you with the relevant alternatives and put you in contact with the best available suppliers to develop and put in place a plan in detail according to your project.



Installing a vending machine is not as easy as it may look. Several considerations need to be taken before planning the delivery including narrow doors, stairs, weather conditions etc. Our logistic team will ensure every aspect of this process is covered. This minimizes the risk of damaging the machine during this course of action.

Vending Machine Logistic

Machine Graphic Customization:

We have partnered with the best printing companies in Ireland to ensure your ideas are matched with reality. Additionally, from furniture enclosures to machine custom skins graphics, we cover it all.

Vending Machine Graphic Customization


Vending Machine are expensive assets and insuring them is a key element to give you some peace of mind while jumping into the vending world. We will advice you and put you in the right direction regarding:

  1. Asset Insurance
  2. Public Liability Insurance
  3. Product Liability Insurance
  4. Employee Liability Insurance
  5. Van Insurance



As your business grow, you need to adapt to the changes quick. Transportation must be a big part of your plan. We collaborate with the main van dealers in the country. This ensures the best possible prices when you start looking into buying your first commercial vehicle.

Vending Machine Transportation


Achieving a decent GP (Gross Profit Margin) it’s the main thing to look at when starting a vending business. We will put you in contact with the best product wholesalers in the country, so you can start buying at the right price.

Vending Machine Wholesalers


As your business grows, you may need to build up your team. We would be more than happy to support you with our technical advice about the best way to recruit staff. Additionally, we can help train them to the levels required to run a successful vending operation.


PAT Testing

Portable appliance testing (commonly known as PAT or PAT Inspection or PAT Testing) is a process. It involves routinely checking electrical appliances for safety.

The Portable Appliance Testing (PAT testing process) begins by simply observing a portable appliance. This is followed by a formal visual inspection. Finally, it concludes with a formal inspection by a person deemed competent to perform the testing.

PAT testers (portable appliance testers) reduce the risk of electrical shock. They detect potential safety problems with electrical appliances before they occur.

PAT Testing is regulated by the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 in Ireland. This legislation is implemented under Statutory Instrument S.I. No.299 of 2007. It came into force in November 2007.

Ensuring Safety Compliance for Your Vending Machine

Vending machines are portable appliances requiring regular testing to meet safety regulations. Our qualified team conducts this testing to keep your appliance updated and safe for public use. We ensure compliance with local safety standards. Our professional service guarantees your vending machine’s safety. Trust us to keep your machine up to date and secure for public use.


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