Buying a Vending Machine: Can I Put It Anywhere?

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Are you thinking of starting a vending machine business? One of the most crucial decisions to make is deciding where to install it. In most cases, the location can directly affect the profitability of your venture. After all, not all places have enough motivated buyers who are willing to spend several euros on a snack.

How then, can you choose the best sites for a vendor? With many possibilities, it can get overwhelming to pick the most suitable location to help maximize your profits. Here are some expert recommendations to get you started!

Finding the right location for your vending machine

To craft a route for your vending business, you first need to choose the type of vendor you prefer. For instance, food and beverage automats are the simplest and most common of the bunch. Some machines can dispense specialty products like medicines, jewelry, and more. You can also opt for machines that vend products in bulk, almost like wholesaling.

Once you settle on the kind of machine that suits you, the next thing to settle on is the location. It’s simply not true that you can place an automat everywhere just because it’s portable. There are various conditions to consider when choosing the best areas for your vendor. In any case, the idea is to install your machine in a place that can accommodate your business.

Here is a concrete example: you want to install a machine at a fast-food restaurant. Suppose the business owner is renting their commercial space from a landlord. If you want to place it within their premises, you can strike a deal directly with the restaurant proprietor. However, if you want to put it outside, then you should also talk to the landlord about it.

Factors affecting your choice of location

Foot traffic

It makes the most sense to place your vending machine in areas where people frequently go to. The place must get a healthy amount of foot traffic daily. You get a better chance of maximizing your earnings by choosing a location that has plenty of visitors.

The idea is to attract impulse buyers and habitual buyers alike with your products. Some of the best examples are malls, healthcare facilities, and apartment complexes.


Are there other automats nearby? You need to investigate the area for competitors and whether they have a potential edge over you. You should take note of their product selection, prices, and payment options. From there, you can find ways to provide better choices at a more affordable price.

You can opt for the latest vending models with more exciting features. Cashless payments, an interactive user interface, or an AI-powered machine are available option to consider!

Indoors vs. outdoors

Do you prefer an indoor or outdoor setting for your vending machine? You can install it at a park and offer beverages for people taking leisurely strolls or exercising. On the other hand, you can also place it indoors like in offices and malls.

The key is to offer appropriate products that have a steady demand in the area. For instance, it’s not ideal to put a food-dispensing machine in an office building that prepares food for their staff.

Own a vending machine today

Would you like to own a vending machine? Our team at are here to assist you in choosing the location for your vendor! We offer the best support and the latest machine models to get you started. Talk to us now!

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