Can I Put My Vending Machine Anywhere in UK?

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It seems that businesses are putting up vending machines wherever they like, since we now see these innovative devices almost everywhere. But before you drag your machine out to the middle of London in order to take advantage of the heavy pedestrian traffic, it would be wise to check for locational requirements first.

Can I Put My Vending Machine Anywhere in UK?

Obtaining Permission for Placing a Vending Machine

Generally, if you are planning on placing a machine in a private-owned area, you would need to secure the permission of the building or establishment owner first. They also have no obligation to give you permission. They can refuse for no reason at all since it is their property.

If they do agree to let you use their space, this would likely include the signing of a contract. They might charge you for electricity if you are going to use their outlets. They might even ask you to pay a small rent for the space. Alternatively, they might ask for a percentage of your sales in lieu of rent. As long as you both agree to the terms, then you can put your vending machine on the property and start operating.

If you are thinking of putting it out in a public spot, you should approach the local government. Then you need to inquire about the permit requirements.

Complying with Vending Machine Laws

Regardless of where you end up putting your vending machine, there are certain laws that you should follow. All these are for avoiding violations and penalties. For starters, your machine must pass the health and safety regulations of the local government. Before you obtain the machine, whether you purchase or rent it, you should verify this compliance with the machine provider or operator.

Vending machines are very heavy but they are not always securely attached to the floors or walls. This is why the law also requires that vending machines must have sufficient precautionary measures against accidentally tipping over. If someone suffers an injury because of your machine, you might be legally accountable for that.

It is also advisable to post a sign on the machine telling customers not to shake it or hit it. This is something that people sometimes do if an item is stuck. With such a sign in place, you will have better protection from liabilities in case of any accident or injury due to misuse.

Hygiene and Safety Considerations

When deciding where to put your vending machine in the UK, you should also consider hygiene and safety, especially if you are going to sell food and drinks. A high-traffic area might seem attractive. But if there is an open sewer nearby, it might not be the best area to choose. Also, if stopping to use the vending machine would place people in harm’s way, then you should consider a safer location.

Getting Assistance from a Vending Machine Provider

If you have any issues obtaining a permit for your vending machine, or you can’t find a good place to put it, an experienced vending machine provider can help. Here at, we not only provide world-class machines for all kinds of products. But we can also help you with getting permits and all other stages of your vending machine business. It could be from installation to maintenance.

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