Can You Put a 10-Dollar Bill in a Vending Machine?

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The modern vending machine boasts advanced features that make purchasing easier for consumers. They do not need to go through long waiting lines or travel to get to the store location. Nowadays, these automatons are even more convenient, thanks to the inclusion of cashless payment options.

However, some people still choose to pay using their bills or coins. Going cashless is not for everybody, which means you need to accommodate customers who want to use cash. Doing so broadens your target clients and increases your chances of improving sales. Do vendors accept ten-dollar notes? Here’s a quick guide that focuses on this question.

Can You Put a 10-Dollar Bill in a Vending Machine?

Does a vending machine accept bills?

The earliest vending models are designed with a coin mechanism for payment. The buyer inserts the coin in the slot and the automat will then dispense the corresponding item they bought. Most vending machines today possess a bill acceptor that can read and identify the cash denomination. They accept paper currencies that have mandatory security features and are in good condition.

Cash transaction is a norm in the vending industry, particularly since these machines often only permit small purchases. Some models have a change machine, which enables the buyer to get their change if there is any. After inserting the bill, the system reads the currency, does the math automatically, and dispenses the coins as necessary.

However, not all machines can perform this function. Some vendors can only accept paper bills, limiting the customer’s choices. When owning vending machines, you might want to consider a change dispensing feature to attract more customers. Otherwise, you can select products with the exact prices as the bills that the machine accepts.

Cash vs. cashless payments

There’s a debate between cash and cash-free payments for vending machines. Despite the availability of card and QR code payment options, many consumers still prefer to pay in cash. However, the younger generation is more likely to utilize cashless terminals for their purchases.

In terms of convenience, cashless payment is easier to perform. With just a tap or a few presses of a button, the customer can get the dispensed product. Still, these methods are not invulnerable to errors or failures. Cashless terminals require regular maintenance checks and prompt repairs to ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, allowing cash and cash-free transactions for your vending machine business is ideal if you want to maximize your profit. Offering both options helps you broaden your customer base and improve your turnover rates. It’s crucial to add future-ready options while also accommodating older mechanisms that still work.

Choose the best vending machine

Partnering with the right provider is important if you want to succeed in this line of business. provides top-quality models that boast cash and cashless payment functions. You can choose a vending machine with the additional features you prefer, such as a card or QR code reader.

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