It’s easier today to start making money from a coffee vending machine business with our high-tech full-service vending solutions. Next to our profitable snack vending machines and the full-service beverage vending machines, you can also have your own coffee machine. You automatically get maintenance, on-time refilling, administrative support and everything else at no cost.

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The coffee vending machine is capable of making all your basic coffee beverages like cappuccino, late, espresso, etc. It is perfect for an office environment, as it saves employees time from going somewhere else to get their precious mind-stimulating liquid.

All of our vending machines, regardless of the size feature includes:

  • Custom design for your brand
  • Efficient electricity consumption for lower bills
  • High-tech and top of the line
  • On-screen nutritional information display
  • 4 inch touch screen interface

Now we are giving a €200 signing bonus to new customers + free consultation by calling +353-014448233

SandenVendo carefully observed the behaviour of coffee machines, studied optimization of the energy consumption and identified the root causes of chronical problems.

Creating a trouble-free machine is a daunting task. However, achieving this goal requires approaching the design differently.

This is where our new concept of versatility steps in: something new, something different from what is commonly used or known in the market by presenting a unique and authentic creation: CaffèUNO.

A coffee vending machine serves hot coffee. Some of the machines, especially older types, use powdered instant coffee combined with hot water, and some of them come with mixers like cream and sugar.

Health Benefits of Coffee Vending Machine

Coffee offers potential health benefits. Cafestol, a compound that can raise cholesterol, is present in minute amounts in coffee brewed by automatic coffee makers. Choosing coffee vending machines could be a healthier alternative to filtered coffee, especially for those with a family history of heart disease or high cholesterol. Vending machines typically offer a consistent brew without the risk of elevated cholesterol levels from cafestol. This option may mitigate health concerns associated with traditional brewing methods. Additionally, vending machines provide convenience and accessibility, promoting regular consumption of coffee as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Instant coffee is the most basic type of hot beverage dispenser. The machine keeps instant coffee, tea, chocolate, or any other powder in its containers. It dispenses a specified amount of the relevant powder into a cup and combines it with water, milk, and/or sugar if these options are chosen.

Organic and healthy Vending Machine Services in NY

Organic and healthy Vending Machine Services in NY
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New York Coffee vending machines and ATMs for business in the US

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