Do Vending Machines Have Secret Codes?

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Do Vending Machines Have Secret Codes?

You may have seen some of the recently viral TikTok videos that show how people are getting free stuff from vending machines simply by pressing a secret code. It does appear to be a sketchy scheme but it’s quite intriguing at the same time.

It’s all very interesting enough to make one wonder whether it’s real or not. If a simple code can hack vending machines, wouldn’t this pose a danger for vending machine owners like you? You risk losing profits easily. This article will explain everything you need to know and put your doubts to rest.


How Did the Idea of Secret Codes for Vending Machines Begin?

Even during the early years of vending machines, there have always been speculations about secret codes or number sequences that would get the machine to dispense stuff for free. One of the popular codes back in the day was 432112311, which applies to one of the classic soda machines. Apparently, this code opens the machine menu. You can then set prices to zero, getting drinks for free.

There is also the widely circulating belief that secret codes existed to let vending machine owners and operators get snacks and beverages for free without having to open the machine. This has never been verified, and would not be very good for the business if it were true.

Are There Really Secret Codes for Vending Machines?

Curiously enough, it is in fact true that vending machines can have secret codes. However, how it works is far from how trending videos portray it. The vending machine operator presses these “codes” from within the machine. They mostly set prices for each item the machine dispenses. Sometimes, they also use codes to test new vend products and monitor sales.

In order to access, set, or cancel these codes, even operators of vending machines need to go through a stringent security process. There is a security button that they will need to activate first, which is located inside the machine. In order to get to this button, they need to actually open the machine with a key. As you can imagine, this would all be very difficult for an unauthorized person to accomplish.

You would need access to the inside of the machine in order to enter these codes. In the more modern vending machines, these codes can even be set remotely. In any case, there is absolutely no way for someone outside the machine to press buttons in order to get an item without paying.

Protect Your Vending Machines from Being Hacked

The threat of hacking has been around since the earliest days of vending machines. Back then, the most popular way people hacked automat was using washers or similar items instead of coins. Today, methods are digital, with hackers targeting customer data rather than snacks. They no longer try to steal snacks but instead focus on customer data.

Here at, we equip our machines with cutting-edge security measures for your safety and that of your customers. Learn more by getting in touch with us at any time!

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