Do Vending Machines Turn Off at Night?

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A vending machine business is a 24/7 operation. That is, the machine is always on, ready to serve customers no matter what time of day. This is actually one of the reasons why vending machines are so popular among business owners. Imagine, they can continue selling items even after shop hours, and without any extra staff on the payroll!

But when you think about it, there are many vending machines that are within establishments that close for the night. In other words, there are going to be no customers around. So do these machines continue to run or do they automatically turn off after closing hours? Well, some machines just continue to run, while others do turn off in a way. That is what we are going to talk about today.

Do Vending Machines Turn Off at Night?

Is It Advisable to Unplug Vending Machines at Night?

Most vending machines will keep running unless you turn them off or manually unplug them. As a business owner, you would naturally be thinking of the costs of electricity. If the machine keeps running several hours into the night with zero chance of sales, won’t it be a massive waste? It seems sensible to simply unplug the machine and just plug it back in before the shop opens the next day.

This could definitely work for some machines, but not for others. Snack machines that sell non-perishable items, or washroom vending machines perhaps, can be turned off without a problem. The same is true with machines that dispense cigarettes, vapes, hygiene products, and the like.

But machines that sell perishable items that require continuous refrigeration must stay on at all times. You can save energy by turning them off but all your items could spoil, which would be a bigger loss. Similarly, cold beverage machines might be better off plugged in all the time. The energy that it would take to cool the items again the next day will be so much more than what you can save overnight.

Cut Down on Power Consumption with Energy Saving Vending Machines

Thanks to advancements in technology, the vending industry has come a long way. These days, most machines actually come with a built-in energy-saving feature that will help you minimize power use during the off periods.

For instance, the machine might detect a lower frequency of sales, which indicates fewer customers around. When this happens, they will go into standby or sleep mode. In this setting, the machine is on but is using up much less electricity. When a customer arrives and activates the machine, it will revert to normal mode.

Energy Efficient Vending Machines from

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