Do You Need a Permit for a Vending Machine in the UK?

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Buy a Vending Machine are a viable business to start in the UK. Data shows that currently, there is one vending machine for every 55 people in the United Kingdom. These machines dispense about 7 billion items annually. You can just imagine how much money that is equivalent to in sales!

With these numbers, it is no wonder that business owners in the UK are clamoring to get one or more vending machines for their establishments. Before you are just on the bandwagon though, you need to keep in mind that you will have to follow a process in order to operate vending machines legally. In other words, you need to secure a permit for your machine.


Applying for a Permit for a Vending Machine

There is no question that you need a permit to begin a vending machine business in the UK. However, the process of applying for a vending machine permit might vary slightly depending on your local council. For some territories, you might have to secure a peddler’s certificate. If you are planning to situate your machine in a public place, you might have to get a street trading license.

The same is true with private buildings, whether it is a school, a gym, a hospital, or an office. The owner has discretion as to the requirements and qualifications so you should ask them directly about it. Most likely, they will ask you to submit some documents. They might also ask you to pay a fee.

The process might take some time and effort but it would definitely be worth it. Having a permit ensures that no one can just shut down your vending operations without due reason.

Laws Governing Vending Machine Operation in the UK

In the UK, there are a few laws that cover the operation of vending machines. To ensure the swift approval of your business application, it is vital that you understand and conform to these laws.

Safety laws, for instance, make owners liable for injuries or damages in case a machine tips over. You are also required to post signage with regards to the safe usage of the machine.

As for machines that dispense food and beverages, you should complete registration no more than 28 days prior to the start of operation. The location must be clean. The machine must be pest-proof. All items must be hygienically packed and stored at the proper temperature.

Final Thoughts

Filing for a permit is vital to the success of your new vending machine business. With proper compliance and adherence to the law, you can avoid a lot of hassle during operations.

If you need help with registering your vending machine or getting a permit, our team here at would be happy to help. We will not only provide you with high quality machines but we can also see to it that you are properly registered and good to go!

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