SandenVendo is the pioneer in the development of the column vending mechanism.

This solid and functional system was first invented many decades ago, yet is still immutably used due to its perfection and simplicity.

The Bottle&Can range offers a plug-and-play robust machine with very simple programming and trouble-free proven mechanism.

Main Features

Over 30 years - Guaranteed quality

Over 30 years – Guaranteed quality

The SandenVendo column vendor excels at providing reliability. All the systems and mechanisms have been fully tested during SandenVendo’s long history of production, craftmanship and expertise, however they are built based on constancy and continuous effort to deliver the best.



The SandenVendo Bottle&Can is a real value for money product. Backed by long experience the machine has been developed with a leaner design, keeping only what is necessary. The cooling unit is one of the best on the market, also saving maintenance costs.

Plug and play

Plug and play

Simplicity is the key these models. Simple functions, user-friendly programming and fast product loading, no complications at all and the machine is almost instantly ready to sale.


The machine that made the history

Late 60’s Vendo introduced stack vendor for canned drink, increasing almost double in capacity in the same footprint.

The machines were installed every corner, particularly where robstness and quick vend operation is required.

Schools, sports center, gyms, factories are the ideal location as the machines are built to withstand hard usage.

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