SandenVendo’s coffee machine delivers delicious fresh cups of espresso while also delivering additional benefits for operators.

The new coffee line has been introduced with some original patented features; SandenVendo’s new espresso brewer, water injection system and new ingredient canister. The flexible heating system with an innovative temperature control which can manage individual drinks temperatures; one cup-one temperature.

The state-of-the-art Coffee machine turns the habitual coffee-making ritual into a very special experience.



Main features

Excellent Italian Espresso

Excellent Italian Espresso

The SandenVendo Coffee brewer delivers authentic espresso flavors and aromas in the way the Italians do best.
Two brewer types are available: one for the genuine Italian type espresso and the larger one for European style longer coffee, both provide an excellent Italian taste.

One cup, one temperature

One cup, one temperature

Thanks to the precise temperature management, individual drink temperature settings are possible.
Users can also adjust the temperature of their drinks on the touch screen Warm > Hot > Very Hot.

Low energy consumption

Low energy consumption

Innovative temperature management with SandenVendo Instant Heater technology. It is an energy efficient design with very low thermal mass and does not require a Stand-by function. The system always uses fresh water providing the precise amount required for each drink.


Welcome to versatility

SandenVendo carefully observed the behaviour of coffee machines, studied optimization of the energy consumption and identified the root causes of chronical problems.

The challenge to create a trouble-free machine is, to say the least, big and can only be accomplished by looking at the design from a different perspective.

This is where our new concept of versatility steps in: something new, something different from what is commonly used or known in the market by presenting a unique and authentic creation: CaffèUNO

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