Vending Company-FeedSpot Names as One of the Top 15 Vending Companies of the World

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Renowned blog content reader FeedSpot has recently published the list of the world’s best vending websites for 2022 and we are in the list as a successful vending company. Our very own Dublin-based has made it to the top 15 in the list. We are very much happy as well as proud to be on the list of top 15. We believe this achievement will take us to the next level and we will be able to serve our customers better than before. 

Ireland’s Optimum Vending Company

For a few years now, has been the leading vending company in Ireland, providing highly innovative vending machine services to a diverse clientele. We have multiple points of sale all over the country. Many of which are found in workplaces, schools, residential buildings and public areas. Our vending machines can also offer a very broad selection of products. Our machines offer products from the typical snacks and beverages to travel gadgets and even full-scale minimarts.

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World Class Service of Vending Company

Our revolutionary approach always allows us to deliver a level of performance. This is way above the industry standard and enables us to stay several steps ahead of the competition.

For instance, through our state of the art technology, we have already implemented an integrated on-screen shopping cart. This lets our clients conveniently buy as many products as they want in just one transaction. Customers can even view the nutritional information of a product before making a purchase. We make these features possible through the 5-inch touch screen monitor. You can customize it by the proprietor of the machine to display advertisements or announcements. Our vending machines also come with sleek stainless steel casings. They also come with glass fronts that exceed LEED standards with their Energy Star Tier 2 certification.

Global Recognition by FeedSpot

The innovative capabilities of our machines, along with the consistently superior performance of our operations, are just some of the reasons why has quickly earned the trust of dozens of most prominent establishments in Ireland. We have, in fact, received a number of awards from industry authorities in Ireland. This is because of the excellent quality of our service. We are always proud to provide our services. Customers are also very happy with our services as well.

But the recent announcement of FeedSpot naming us one of the top 15 vending websites not just in Ireland but also in the whole world is very humbling. It is with pride and gratitude that we accept this recognition. We are very happy to be here today!

FeedSpot is a very popular content reader that has hundreds of thousands of regular visitors. They are widely known to be the biggest human-curated blogger and podcast database, categorized by industry. Being mentioned on their website would already be an honor, and being included in the top 15 list is just beyond words.

Onwards to Continued Growth and Service of Vending Company

When we started our company, one of our primary goals was to create a business that will not only deliver excellent products and services but also give others the opportunity to make a profit with minimal investment. We have also recently begun a commitment to do our share in the battle against climate change and environmental conflicts by starting the forest in Kenya.

Over the last couple of years, we have been able to achieve that in many areas of Ireland. Now, with this prestigious recognition from FeedSpot, we are considering the possibility of reaching more clients. We want to do it by expanding our business further onto a global level. As of today, we are just thankful that our efforts have been noticed. We will definitely continue what we have started. We are always hard working and we ensure the quality of products all the time.

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