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Vending machines have been popping up all over Ireland in recent years. The county of Fermanagh is not far behind. In fact, early proponents of the Fermanagh vending industry have been quite inventive in the items they sell. Instead of the usual snacks or coffee found in typical machines, the county has seen machines selling eggs, fresh milk and produce.

No matter what the product, there is no question that vending machines are here to stay in Fermanagh. However, the market is still far from saturation. This means now is the perfect time to tap into that fast rising demand.

Fermanagh Vending

What Products Are Most Suitable for Fermanagh Vending Machines

Unless you have your own poultry or dairy farm, it doesn’t make much sense to compete in the eggs and milk vending business. After all, there are many other products that you can put into a vending machine. Snacks vending machines might seem too ordinary but they are still the biggest earners in Ireland. Also, machines that dispense cold drinks always generate huge sales.

The Irish love their coffee, so a coffee vending machine would certainly be a great idea. This will give consumers easy access to their favorite brew even while on the go. You can also expand your merchandise and include a few varieties of teas, which sell great as well.

The type of product that would sell most would also depend on the location you have chosen. A bar or a café where people gather to socialize might be a good place to place a cigarette or vapes vending machine. Fermanagh has quite a few gyms and fitness centers as well. These would be an excellent spot for a vending machine that dispenses healthy snacks and drinks.

How Much Can a Fermanagh Vending Machine Earn?

The profit that you can make from a Fermanagh vending machine will depend on a lot of factors. Mainly, you can maximize your earnings by choosing a prime location and selling products that are in high demand.

To give you an idea of what you can potentially make, an average vending machine makes €72 per week. It might sound small but it’s really not bad, considering you are barely making any effort since the business runs itself. Besides, this is just the average based on recent sales data. With thorough planning and an effective strategy in place, you can make double this amount, or even more!

Get Your Vending Business to a Great Start!

A successful automat business starts with finding the right company. It must be someone who can provide you not only with top-of-the-line machines but also suitable vending solutions that match your business goals. This is where Vending-Machines.ie comes in.

For several years, we have been a leading automat provider in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Whether you are new to the vending business or are planning to expand an existing Fermanagh vending operation, we have a range of solutions you can choose from. Give us a call and we can start developing a customized strategy for you today!

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