How Can I Get a Free Vending Machine?

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Getting a vending machine for free might sound like a ludicrous idea, until you discover that it is indeed possible. In fact, it is exactly how hundreds of prosperous vending machine owners first got into the vending business! Buying a vending machine outright would entail a huge expense. And you’re not even sure if the business will pan out for you. So why risk your money when you can get a free vending machine instead?

The biggest question is how to get a free vending machine. There are actually a few ways to go about it, depending on your objective.

How Can I Get a Free Vending Machine?

Ask Local Distributors for Free Vending Machine

Let’s say you own an establishment like an office, a gym, a school or any other business that gets a lot of regular traffic, and you simply want to give your employees easy access to food and beverages. If you approach local distributors, many of them would be very willing to give you a vending machine for free without batting an eyelash if you agree to sell their items exclusively.

They will even take care of restocking, machine maintenance, and just about everything else. All you have to do is provide the venue and take your share of the profits every month, every week, or whatever is going to be the arrangement. This might not give you much flexibility in terms of products. But if the brand’s items sell well, then you can still earn a considerable profit. So this is not a bad thing at all.

Lease or Rent at Zero Down Payment

You can start a vending machine without spending anything if you take out a lease or rental with a trusted vending machine supplier in your area. They will set you up – bring over the machine to you, install it completely. And even stock it with your preferred items if you ask them to.

But of course, as this is a lease or rental, you will have to eventually pay at the end of the month or whenever the amount is due. Still, it is a good way to get your vending machine business up and running. Perhaps make a couple of hundred bucks before you need to start paying for it.

Free Vending Machine with Fully-Managed Services

Many vending machine companies offer fully-managed services. These include the free use of a vending machine customized to meet your specific requirements. With this option, you will have control over what kind of products you want your machine to dispense. You can opt for a snack vending machine or a coffee vending machine. Or even a machine that sells any specialty products of your choice.

The great thing about a fully-managed service is that you can enjoy substantial profits without putting in any work at all. From the installation of your machine to refilling it regularly and providing maintenance and repairs, the vending machine company will take care of it all.

Get Your Free Vending Machine Today

If you are ready to get your free vending machine, the team would be very happy to give you a hand. We can help you decide whether to get a rental, or avail our comprehensive full service package. Just call us and we will schedule you for a free consultation!

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