How Do I Ask My Company for a Vending Machine

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Proper nutrition is key to keeping a productive streak at the office. Most companies provide food stations and canteens to satisfy their employees’ hunger or thirst. However, long lines, delays, and lack of variety are typical issues with this setup. A vending machine has great potential to solve these problems.

If you prefer having an automat at your premises but still need your superior’s approval, this guide may help.

How Do I Ask My Company for a Vending Machine?

Why install a vending machine in the office?

Successful companies have something in common: productive members. Employees get more energy to perform better when they feel valued by their employer. Providing and upgrading facilities is an effective way to demonstrate care to employees. A vendor is like any office tool that provides convenience for everybody at work.

How can you convince your bosses that your company needs a vending machine? There are two big reasons that you can point out:

  • Eliminating the need to go off-premises. Hunger is a compelling factor to go out of the building to find good food. An automat that dispenses a great array of meals, drinks, and snacks can help keep workers from leaving your location.
  • Fast access and cost-effective selection. Lining up for food takes time, and most people prefer not to go through it. Installing a vendor provides a quick and accessible alternative that’s less costly for employees.

These credible reasons can pave the way for your management to agree to install an automat.

Which vending machine is right for your office?

There’s no doubt that a vendor is highly beneficial for your company. The next step is to decide the most suitable machine for your premises. Do you work the regular 9-5 schedule? Are the working hours in your office on a shifting basis? These factors can play a role in decision-making.

To determine which vending machine to place at your premises, here are a few considerations to ponder.

Employee needs

When deciding the type of automat to install, you must consider the employee’s needs. Food and beverages are no-brainer choices since everyone must eat to boost productivity. However, there are also other types of vendors that are office-appropriate. Toiletries and coffee machines are some common examples.


For snacks or coffee vending machines, the most suitable area within the office is the pantry. You can place it near entrances or exits, as well as shared areas to serve guests and visitors, too. Machines that dispense necessities are best to install near restrooms.


Contacting a good vending machine provider is the most crucial decision to make when acquiring an automat. It’s ideal to reach out to a reputable company like to supply your vending machine at the office.

Aside from quality assurance, you can also get all-around assistance from installation to stocking up the inventory. You get the best machines at reasonable costs, which is a win-win for employees and the company!

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