How Do You Ask a Business If You Can Put a Vending Machine?

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A vending machine startup is attractive for many reasons, but one of its strongest selling points is relatively low costs. Unlike other conventional businesses, this venture is easier to set up and manage. You only ever need to pick a machine type, merchandise, and location to start.

Installing the automat is perhaps the most challenging hurdle when building this business. How do you ask permission from a company or establishment to allow your machine on their premises? Here are some valuable pointers.

How Do You Ask a Business If You Can Put a Vending Machine?

Researching target locations for your vending machine

When you become a vendor owner, it’s crucial to choose a site with a high sales potential. There’s an unbreakable link between profitability and location—the most suitable area sees plenty of foot traffic and target customers.

Firstly, you should make a shortlist of shops or offices with a steady stream of people. It’s better if you pinpoint a particular business where your vending machine venture is highly likely to flourish. For instance, a healthy snacks and beverage vendor belongs to a gym or recreational center.

Making the move

It may feel daunting at first to ask the business owner or manager about having your machine sited. You can overcome this feeling by preparing for the meeting. Aside from dressing smartly, you can also collate an information package for the decision-maker. You can take your time writing a business proposal or creating a presentation beforehand.

At the actual appointment, introduce yourself and your vending offer. During this time, it’s important that you explain why your vending machine is a good match for their business. Remember, asking politely is a must to establish a good rapport with your would-be partner.

Finalizing the deal

Once they agree to your proposal, you can now move on to making the necessary agreements. Some business owners prefer getting a cut of your total revenue as payment for hosting the automat. Others may prefer receiving a fixed payment monthly or annually. Regardless of their choice, it’s better to discuss this early in the partnership.

As with any business, drawing up a contract is ideal for both parties. It should contain the fine details of the collaboration, including the installation, upkeep, and repairs. It can also include payment collection and other relevant terms and conditions.

Kickstarting your vending machine business

Getting a business’ permission to install your vending machine is a great kick-off to your vending machine startup. Afterward, it’s time to take care of the automat, from stocking up to sending it over to the business premises. The key is to find a provider with high-quality automats for sale or rent. Choosing the best vending agency is crucial to your success.

If you want, you can also explore other vending solutions such as a fully managed service. can assign a team of experts to help you with your startup if you’re new to this industry. We’ll make the best effort to help you establish a profitable vending business!

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