How Do You Tap to Pay for a Vending Machine?

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In the early years of vending machines, customers can buy items by inserting the appropriate amount of coins into a slot. Later on, automats began accepting money bills. But with the modern vending machine today, the most popular way to buy a snack or drink is by tapping to pay, otherwise known as contactless payments. After all, a lot of people now prefer not to carry cash around. With only their card and phone, a vending machine with cashless payment solutions can still allow people to indulge in impulse purchases.

How Do You Tap to Pay for a Vending Machine?

What Does Tap to Pay Mean?

Tap to pay means you can just literally tap your card or phone into the machine, and your process will be processed. There is no need to insert coins or bills, nor do you have to enter your PIN or password. Contactless payments have been around for a while but they surged in popularity when the pandemic happened.

What Are the Benefits of a Tap to Pay Vending Machine?

As a vending machine owner, you want your customers to enjoy the best experience when buying from your machines. This is why contactless payments should definitely be on your list of features to consider. It might incur some extra expense compared to basic automats but the advantages are very much worth it.

Secure Payments

Our tap to pay vending machines here at are equipped with the most advanced security features. Your customers’ information will remain safe and confidential when using this method.


Some vending machines are able to dispense change but the more traditional ones do require that you insert the exact amount. Thus, potential buyers would have to scramble inside their purses to buy a drink or snack. With a tap to pay vending machine, customers can buy in peace simply by tapping their card or gadget, and the system will take the amount due.


Since this payment method virtually eliminates the need to touch anything, customers are much safer. Even if vending machines appear clean, you have to remember that hundreds of people use them. You can never know what these people touched before they used the machine, or if they might be carrying contagious viruses. With tap to pay vending machines, all these won’t be a problem.

Can a Traditional Vending Machine Accept Contactless Payments?

Older automats obviously don’t have the contactless payment options that now come with the newer vending machines. But if you have an old machine, it is possible to upgrade it simply by installing a credit card reader.

The card readers that we have here at are compatible with practically all modern vending machines. They are also very easy to install and set up, but you won’t have to worry about that because we will take care of the installation.

Our card readers can also accept multiple payment methods. In addition to debit cards and credit cards, these devices can also be programmed to take payments from any of the popular online payment methods today. This way, you will have an inclusive vending machine that caters to all customers. Learn more about our contactless payment solutions by calling us today!

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