How Long Does It Take Vending Machines to Be Profitable?

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It is no secret that vending machines are quite lucrative generators of passive income. This is why so many people have been investing in them in recent years. They are very easy to set up and once they are running, they require minimal maintenance. With a good location and an active target market, vending machines can bring in quite a handsome revenue!

How Long Does It Take Vending Machines to Be Profitable?

Now, the question that is on the mind of many interested vending operators is – how long will it be before the vending machine becomes profitable? In other words, when can you expect an ROI on your machines? That is a perfectly valid question and the answer depends largely on how you plan to acquire your machines in the first place.

Profitability Depends on How You Acquire Your Machines

Outright Purchase

Buying a vending machine can set you back anywhere from a couple hundred bucks to several thousands of dollars. The actual cost depends on the type of machine and the features you want in it. In any case, when you opt to buy your own machine, you would have to wait until you make back the amount you paid for it, plus all the overhead costs of installation and maintenance. That is the only time when you can actually begin seeing profits. The costlier the machine, the longer you have to wait. With an average snack machine or beverage machine, it might take 18 months to a year.

Rental or Lease

Renting or leasing vending machines is a popular option because of the much lower upfront cost. Unless your contract includes a commission on vending sales, you should only be paying the provider a fixed amount every month. Current rates show that this could be anywhere from €25 to €150, depending on the machine. Of course, you should also factor in costs like maintenance and repair. Anything that you make over these expenses would already be part of your profit. Then there’s also a chance that you might be in the negative if sales are low so that’s a risk you should consider.

Fully Managed Vending Service

Vending machine providers now offer something called a fully managed service. In this plan, you will be paying them a monthly fee to handle all the vending services. This includes everything from installation and setup to restocking, maintenance and repairs. In addition, they will let you use a vending machine of your choice at no extra cost. Without having to worry about paying for the vending machine, you will certainly be making a profit right from the start!

How to Maximize the Profitability of Your Vending Machines

Maximizing the profits from vending machines would naturally be a top priority for any business owner. You can do this with three simple things. First, you must pick viable locations for your machines. Second, you should choose marketable products to sell. Third, you must choose your vending company wisely. has been a leader in vending solutions since the 1930s. To this day, hundreds of clients continue to look to them for the best vending products and services. If you want to start your vending business right, is definitely the company to call.

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