How Much Do Vending Machines Make in Ireland?

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The residual income you can get from Vending Machine for Sale Ireland varies depending on many factors. For one, picking a good location can mean more buyers. Also, you must decide what products translate to more profit. Regardless, a vendor can bring in more money without you having to lift a finger.

In terms of demand, there’s no shortage of love from customers in Ireland. People prefer easy to access goods they can immediately use or consume. That said, you can expect higher sales if you practice the best strategies.

Now, how much does a vendor make? This guide dives into this topic.

The average income of vending machines

On average, a person can spend roughly €30 a year on vending products. Now, you may assume this figure is too low to make a profit. How will you make an income on such a small amount? However, you must remember that it is a multi-billion-dollar industry. In fact, the market is set to reach around €141.7 billion by 2027.

According to research, the average profit for a single machine is over €72. In fact, it’s highly possible to make roughly €300 if you get the formula right. It’s safe to say that operating more than one machine can mean more income for you.

If you dispense healthy beverages, you can mark up the price to make a profit. For example, regular milk (250 mL) is around €0.29. Say your machine sells for around €0.60, that’s already a 100% markup. Some owners even assign a 200-300% increase to get better profit margins.

Of course, you must account for expenses when talking about returns. You need to be aware of the cost of operating vending machines. That way, you can decide on the best ways to earn passive income from a vendor.

Factors affecting income for vending machines

What makes automats a lucrative venture is the low startup cost and maintenance expenses. However, it doesn’t automatically mean you won’t pay fees along the way. You will likely have some monthly costs to shoulder.

Cost of vending machines

Whether you buy or rent the vendor, you need to prepare your finances when investing in one. Prices vary depending on the type of machine you want. Vending machines in Ireland cost around €3,000 to €5,000.

Rent to property or business owner

If you are renting space for your machine, you can expect to pay for installing it. On average, the lot owner will likely charge a flat rate or a cut of your income. That is why you need to choose the best location. Otherwise, you might find it hard to keep up with the associated costs.


Another crucial factor for vending machines is the type of products you sell. You need to stock up without overbuying. For instance, if the vendor has 23 different slots, you can place a variety of items at varying prices. Then, learn which products sell more, and adjust your stocks from there.

Business License

As with any enterprise, you need to register your vending machine business. You can seek more information from your local government office. This way, you can legally own and operate an automation and earn passive income.

Starting a business

Investing Buy Vending Machine Ireland is a great addition to your income stream. If you are ready to own one, you can contact to find a host of options. We have different types of machines that fit every preference. Also, we can offer a fully managed venture for you. Talk to us today!

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