How Much Does a Bag of Chips Cost in a Vending Machine?

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It’s not difficult to notice that consumer goods are generally more expensive when purchased from a vending machine than if you buy them from the supermarket. This makes perfect sense. After all, you are paying for the convenience and easy access.

But this time, you are going to be the vending machine operator. How can you tell what price is reasonable to charge for a bag of chips? It’s not always an easy decision. But with some tried and tested guidelines, you should be able to assign feasible prices for your products.

How Much Does a Bag of Chips Cost in a Vending Machine?

Guidelines for Pricing Vending Machine Products

There are no specific rules to vending machine pricing. Common sense dictates that it has to be high enough to make a decent profit. At the same time, it must be low enough to still be affordable to your target market.

Many vending operators abide by the general rule of pricing their items at twice the purchase cost, at the very least. This way, you easily earn back the money you spent on buying the chips. At the same time, you make an equivalent amount in profit.

However, this is not necessarily a 2x profit because there are other expenses that you need to recoup. You have to think of the cost of the machine, electricity, space rental, and so on. So if you double the acquisition cost of the chips and it’s still quite low, you can push it even higher.

Let’s say you bought chips at a wholesale price of €0.50 per bag. Doubling this gives you €1, which is still pretty low. So you can push it up to €1.50 per bag, which is just about the average price of chips at vending machines these days.

How to Maximize Profits from Chips at a Vending Machine

In the example above, if you deduct all overhead costs and the purchase cost of the chips, you would be left with maybe a €0.50-ish profit per bag. It doesn’t sound very exciting at this point, does it? But if your machine is at a strategic location, the sales can pile up quickly. That is the best way to maximize vending machine profits – pick a good location. By the end of the day, you could have racked up at least €100.

Another tip for earning as much as possible from vending chips is to look for the cheapest supplier. Wholesale supermarkets are an excellent source of low-cost chips, including popular brands like Lay’s, Ruffles, and Pringles. Buying these chips in bulk can significantly reduce the purchase cost. It won’t affect consumers since you can still sell the chips at your standard price of €1.50 to €2 per bag.

Best Vending Machines for Selling Chips

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