How Much Does a Vending Machine Cost in the UK?

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Owning or leasing a vending machine is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to earn passively. With low startup and maintenance fees, this venture is both attractive and lucrative at the same time. However, are other associated expenses too much to handle?

Are you thinking of investing in vendors but worrying about the potential costs of starting this business in the UK? Here’s a guide that explains the typical cost factors of this venture.

vending machine

Delving into the vending machine business

Most people think of food and beverage dispensing automats when they hear ‘vending machine’. They generally involve small transactions as opposed to sales in physical stores. For this reason, many doubt the profitability of this business. However, modern technologies enable providers to offer more sophisticated machines today. That can mean bigger transactions and higher income in the long run.

When starting this business, it’s crucial to select a provider that can deliver bespoke solutions for you. Costs can fluctuate based on many factors, but having a reliable partner can help you settle on a budget that works for you.

Factors affecting vending machine costs

Like any other business, there are fees and expenses you need to shoulder when embarking on this venture. The good news is that it comes with relatively lower overhead costs. Unlike physical stores, you can save on building permits and renovations. Here are the cost factors you should include in your budget should you decide to invest in vending solutions.

Type of machine

Figuring out the type of vending machine you prefer is half the struggle. Nowadays, you can sell non-consumables like gadgets and travel essentials via automats. There are also various payment options other than coins or bills, such as bank cards, QR, or e-wallets. Machines may cost several thousands, although some providers have financing options to make them affordable for new entrepreneurs.


A well-stocked machine is effective in attracting more buyers. Most experts recommend filling up the vendor to its maximum capacity. However, you can plan your schedule to manage the inventory budget efficiently. You can do a trial-and-error of what products get sold fast and create per-day, per-week, or per-month refills as needed.

Maintenance and repair

A well-maintained vending machine allows you to prevent costly repairs due to parts breakage or failure. That said, there’s no guarantee that you can completely avoid such expenses in the future. The best solution is to set a budget for unexpected repairs.

Exploring fully managed service

Some providers offer a fully managed service, wherein they take care of virtually everything. From the delivery of the machine to restocking and maintenance, the supplier sets up all aspects of the business. The only thing you need to provide is a location, and you get passive income per month, sweat-free! offers fully managed services as well as brand-new machines if you want to own a vending startup. These options are a great way to navigate the market with the help of experts who know their way around. You can explore your options today and pick the right vending machine business in the UK!

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