How Much Does It Cost to Fill a Vending Machine?

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Owning a vending machine can be very exciting. If it has been properly set up, the machine can generate a considerable amount of passive income while you continue to go to work or run your primary business. But even with a fully managed vending machine, there are still a few things that you should be actively involved in. These things will ensure that your merchandise always sufficiently fills your machine.

How Much Does It Cost to Fill a Vending Machine?

Importance of Filling a Vending Machine

Keeping your vending machine filled is necessary to generate continuous revenue. If a potential customer wants to buy something but your machine has run out. They would look elsewhere for the product and you would lose sales.

Also, a vending machine that contains very few items wouldn’t be very attractive to the buying public. It would seem that the machine is not well-maintained, and the very limited choices would put off many prospective buyers. To avoid these issues, it is absolutely necessary to refill your machine as soon as stocks start getting low.

Cost of Filling a Vending Machine

The cost of filling a vending machine would depend largely on what kind of products you are selling. Obviously, if you are selling expensive specialty items, like electronics, cosmetics, or even caviar, you will need to spend several thousand euros to fill a single machine. But if you have one of the regular vending machines that sell snacks or beverages, it would be safe to say that you should allot about 250 for filling your machine to full capacity.

Aside from the price of your products, another factor that greatly affects the cost of filling vending machines is your selling rate. If you are lucky to have found a very profitable spot with a continuous flow of buyers, then you would have to fill your machine more frequently. This means you would need a bigger refilling budget. This will also translate to larger revenue, so it’s all good.

The Refilling Process

The only time that you would have to fill your vending machine from zero inventory is during the initial setup. This is because you must never wait until you run out of everything before you stock up again. Businesses might refill their vending machines once a week, twice a month. Businesses might even refill daily if their merchandise moves really fast. You will quickly see how frequently you need to replenish your products just by observing the sale patterns.

The refilling process is simple enough but it takes a bit of effort plus. You will have to pay the person who will do the restocking. This is unless, of course, you opt for a fully managed vending service like the one that we offer at

If you choose to avail this vending solution, you will not have to worry about refilling or anything else for that matter. Because we will take care of all the maintenance for you. You can learn more about this very convenient service as well as a number of other vending solutions by visiting the website.

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