How to set up a vending machine business?

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Mini Vending Machine: If the entrepreneurial blood runs through your veins, you have surely thought that Vending Machines Dublin offers a good business opportunity. It can be a full-time business or a source of extra income, which never hurts.

This model has a series of advantages that make it very attractive. The main one is that it is quite passive: you install the Mini Vending Machine and they can generate benefits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition, except to replace and clean, you do not need personnel: vending machines sell alone and you do not have to pay them a payroll.

Mini Vending Machine

What is the best place for a vending business?

It depends. Depending on the audience you want to address you will need a place or not. We give you the three most common options:

Public vending:

They are shops 24 hours at the street level with several machines in which people can buy almost everything. Of course, you need a place, which can be owned or rented. The more central its location is and the more traffic there is on the street, the better.

Public vending may be the most profitable modality in the long term, but also the one that requires a higher initial outlay.

Vending in work centers:

In this case, you probably would have to install the machines in companies, both public (hospitals, funeral homes, schools, and etc) and private (the more employees they have, the better).

The problem with this modality is that the competition is huge and almost all companies are already “caught.” In addition, in the case of public ones, it is usually necessary to go to a contest or tender that is quite complex and complicated to win.

Mini Vending:

We refer to the small ball, chewing gum or toy machines that we find in shopping centers. We also find them in bars or even at street level. If you have a lack of space, we recommend it because although it is a small-sized, you can keep many different things inside a Mini Vending Machine. Contact us to know more about this.

How much does it cost to set up a vending machine business?

Again it depends. There are many factors that it is impossible to give a figure that is no longer exact, but approximate. As fixed expenses, you must point the premises (mortgage or rent), the purchase of the machines (from 500 to more than 6,000 Dollars each, although you can also rent them), electricity and water (in case of public vending), and many other factors.

In short, it is a type of business in which if you risk and succeed with the location you can earn a lot of money passively.

In Europe, even being so competitive, the range of items that are sold is nothing from the other world. In countries likewise Japan, where vending machines are strongly rooted and already part of their landscape, it is possible to buy hot burgers and pizzas, prescription glasses, umbrellas, dog wigs, flowers, diapers, etc.

Finally would you dare to go out of the ordinary and innovate with products like those? Surely there is big business behind Vending Machines Dublin.

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