Is Owning a Vending Machine a Good Side Hustle?

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If you are on the hunt for your next venture, owning a vending machine might just fit in your portfolio. This popular business model earns the nod of first-time and seasoned entrepreneurs who want to earn passive income. However, it’s worth noting that not everyone can profit from it. So, the question still stands: is it a good side hustle?

Reasons why owning a vending machine is worth investing

You might have encountered several success stories regarding vending solutions, which led you to this blog. The truth is that, like any business idea, it’s not for everyone. However, with the right strategies and little effort, it can become a lucrative deal for you.

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Earn income passively

Most business models require a lot of toils before you can get the cash flowing. Often, returns don’t happen after a few years. With vending machines, you can earn passive income so long as you choose the right location and type of machine. Once you get your restocking and upkeep schedules on track, you can have a stress-free way of making money.

Flexible working hours

When you own an automat, you don’t have to worry about biometrics or time-ins. It’s good as a side hustle because you can keep your day job or main business. The only schedules you need to block on your calendar are restocking and clean-up. Some providers can even provide a fully managed service, which means you can profit without doing any work.


You can freely add more vending machines to your portfolio once you get the startup going. Partnering with the right automat provider gives you the chance to scale up your business based on demand. It’s possible to boost your venue by installing more machines in various locations. If needed, you can also scale down to ensure cash flow health.

Owning a vending machine—keys to success

Businesses require an initial investment, and vending solutions are no exception. Aside from financial obligations, there are other factors that may dictate the success of this venture.

  • Market research. Before you dive into this sector, you should consider the demand for vending machines in your area. It includes determining the type of automat and which products are more likely to generate more sales.
  • Choosing the location. It’s crucial to select an area with plenty of foot traffic daily. Some of the highly recommended places include residential complexes, malls, hotels, gyms, and amusement parks. Owning a vending machine and installing it in public spaces can possibly boost your revenue.
  • Regular maintenance. Checking up on your machines at set intervals can help you maintain the profitability of your business. You can attract more customers if your vending machine is always clean, presentable, and well-stocked.

Is it a good side hustle?

Vendors are a low-maintenance way of earning income passively. Owning a vending machine is a good side hustle, more so if you partner with the right provider. is an industry-leading supplier of high-quality machines that fit right into your budget. You can start earning by exploring the company’s range of vending machines for sale today!

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