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Leitrim vending machines are few and far between, as you can expect from a rural county with not too much foot traffic going on. But this doesn’t mean there is no demand for automats in the area. In fact, this is one of the most highly recommended ways to earn passive income in Leitrim at the moment.

The county of Leitrim is popular for its picturesque views of nature, including gorgeous rivers, lakes and mountains that anyone can explore. Most of the area is not your typical venue for a bustling vending business. However, there are key places in Leitrim where a vending machine business has huge potential for success.

Leitrim Vending

Suitable Locations for a Leitrim Vending Machine

It might not have the bustling population of large urban cities in Ireland, but Leitrim does have a few towns where people like to gather. Certain types of establishments are perfect spots for setting up a vending machine, such as the following.

Bars and Restaurants

In the county town of Carrick-on-Shannon, there are plenty of bars and restaurants where both locals and visitors flock. In fact, the boutique bars along the river are among the main attractions in town. Potential customers here are most likely to use automats to buy items like vapes or cigarettes. Hygiene products and condoms might also get plenty of sales in these places.


Most stores that sell food and drinks close at night, but hospitals remain open 24/7. When doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff who work the graveyard shift get hungry, a snack vending machine can come to the rescue. Automats also give patients and their companions easy access to sustenance without having to go outside the hospital.


Leitrim is home to dozens of primary and secondary schools, where yearly enrolment is in the thousands. If you put up a vending machine in any one of these schools, all the students there will be your potential customers, especially if you sell snacks and beverages that are very popular among the young market.

Shopping Centres

There are a couple of large shopping centers in the towns of Ballinamore and Carrick-on-Shannon. Vending machines here can cater to the needs of shoppers who eventually get hungry or thirsty. Washroom vending machines also do very well in these areas. Most people who go shopping don’t always carry washroom essentials, so an automat would be a huge help.

Leading Provider of Leitrim Vending Machines

As you can see, there are several places that are great for putting up a Leitrim vending machine business. If you want to boost your chances of success, you must choose your location carefully, and pick the right products as well. Most importantly, you must partner with a trusted vending company that puts your best interests at heart, like Vending-Machines.ie.

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