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Lisburn is one of the major cities in Northern Ireland and has a population of almost 50,000. It has its share of wonderful tourist attractions that attract millions of visitors a year. The Lisburn Castle Gardens and the Stables at Hilden are some, to name a few. The city also has dozens of schools and factories packed with people during weekdays. All these are some excellent reasons why starting a Lisburn vending machine business is a terrific idea.

There is no question that a vending business can bring you a lot of income. It can work both as a side hustle or a full time venture. Either way, one of the biggest factors that will determine your income is your choice of location. So today, we will give you an idea of the best spots for setting up some Lisburn vending machines.

Lisburn Vending

Most Profitable Places to Install a Lisburn Vending Machine

A rule of thumb when choosing a location for a vending machine is to pick a place with plenty of people. It could either be a place with heavy foot traffic, or a place where people go to on a regular basis. Here are some of the best such places in Lisburn.


Lisburn is the center of the linen industry in Ireland. But in addition to the many apparel producers, Lisburn also houses other manufacturing centers for various industries. This includes factories for electrical equipment, glass products, footwear, and many more. Most of these companies employ hundreds of workers, who would be regular buyers at on-site vending machines for snacks and beverages.


Lisburn vending machines would also do well in any of the schools and colleges in the city. Students, teachers and staff would certainly need to eat and drink during the day. Healthy vending machines are a good choice for these places, especially in primary schools where young kids need sustenance.

Shopping Centres

Lisburn Square and Bow Street Mall Shopping Centre are two of the busiest areas of the city. Both locals and tourists come here to shop, dine, and chill. Shopping centers give plenty of lucrative options for you if you want to set up a vending business. Aside from the usual snacks and drinks, hygiene products and washroom items also sell very well in these places.

Start your Lisburn Vending Business Right with

It goes without saying that you must choose the right location and sell high-demand items. Just as important, you must also have a dependable partner for your Lisburn vending business. You must settle for only a regular vending machine supplier.  Instead, you must find a competent and reputable vending solutions provider. This is where comes in.

Touted as a global vending leaders since 1930, is the go-to vending solutions company in Ireland and Northern Ireland. They offer top-of-the-line products and an array of services suited to your specific needs. Whether you are looking to buy a high-tech vending machine or are interested in a fully managed service, has the perfect answer for you. Visit the website or call to book for a free consultation!

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