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Thinking of going into the vending business, eh? That is indeed a very lucrative venture, as many successful vending machine operators can attest. But no business is perfect. Whilst there are plenty of perks that come with a Londonderry vending business, there are also a few cons that you must know before making an investment.

What Are the Pros of a Londonderry Vending Business?

Inexpensive Start-Up

This is probably the most notable benefit of a Londonderry vending business. Unless you plan on buying a machine outright, you don’t really have to spend much to start a vending business. Some vending machine providers can even get a machine up and running at your location for zero upfront cost.

Londonderry Vending Machine

Easy Maintenance

A key characteristic of vending machines is that they do not need to be manned. Customers can take their pick of items and buy them all on their own. Modern vending machines are also very efficient and can operate very smoothly with very little maintenance and repairs needed.


You can start with one machine and see how it goes. If you want to expand to another location, all you have to do is get another machine. Likewise, if you feel like some locations are not earning as much, you can simply return the machine to the vending company or transfer it to another area.

Customizable Options

From the products that you want to sell to the features that you want your machine to have, it’s all up to you. You have absolutely full control over how your machines work.

What Are the Cons of a Londonderry Vending Business?

Profit Depends on Location

A high-traffic location often yields a decent turnout in terms of vending machine profits. But finding that ideal location is not always easy. Sometimes you will have to try several Londonderry vending locations before you find one where your machine can really start turning a profit.

Not Completely Hands-Off

A vending machine requires much less work than traditional stores but it’s not something you can just install and leave on its own. You need to monitor the stocks and collect the payments regularly. You must also have a way of knowing if there is a problem with the machine.

Permits Are Required for Installation

If you are going to put up a Londonderry vending machine in your own establishment, you obviously don’t need a permit. But if you want to put one in a mall, for instance, or a public location like a train station or the City of Derry airport, you will have to secure the necessary permits before proceeding with the installation.

How Can I Get Started?

After carefully weighing the pros and cons and deciding to push through with a Londonderry vending machine business, the next step is to find a vending machine company that can help maximize your chances of success. That is where comes in.

We are not only a supplier of the top vending machines in Ireland and Northern Ireland. We will also help you work around the challenges of starting a new vending machine business, from finding a feasible location to securing permits. Check out our vending solutions or give us a call so we can schedule a free consultation!

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