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Mayo vending machines might not be the first thing you would think of when thinking of business ventures in this scenic county in Ireland. Why not, you ask? Well, it’s not really an urban location, which is the typical venue for vending machines. Instead, Mayo is famous for its picturesque islands, including Achill, the largest of all the islands in Ireland.

Mayo Vending

Why Start a Mayo Vending Business

When you think about it, starting a vending business does make a lot of sense. First of all, this county gets a lot of tourists all year round. Of course, they will get hungry and thirsty from all the sight-seeing. Secondly, Mayo has a local population of over 137,200 as of 2022, and all these locals are potential customers!

There is also the matter of the very simple yet highly lucrative business format of vending machines. With minimal effort and outlay, you stand to gain huge revenue, at least if you play your cards right. This brings us to the main focus of this article, which are the important things to consider if you are about to start a Mayo vending business.

Preparing for your Mayo Vending Business

Businesses all over Ireland and around the world have boosted their revenue considerably through these machines. But that is not always the case. As with any other business, Mayo vending requires careful planning and preparation. Here are some of the most important factors that you need to think about.

Vending Machine Type

There are a few different types of vending machines available in Mayo. You want to choose the one that would generate the most income. The most popular ones are snack vending machines and coffee vending machines. However, there are also many other vending machines that dispense cold drinks, frozen foods, or even non-food items like hygiene products.

Payment Method

There used to be a time when vending machines only accepted coins or bills from customers. Today, though, it has become very common to see vending machines that are capable of cashless payments. Credit cards, online payments, and other options are now widely accepted.


The income from vending machines is heavily reliant on the amount of pedestrian traffic in the area. The more people who can access the machine, the more sales you can generate. Therefore, it is vital that you pick a good location in Mayo where you can install your vending machines.

Best Vending Machine Provider in Mayo

The best way of maximizing your chances of success in vending is by partnering with a reliable vending machine provider. In the county of Mayo, no one can serve your vending needs better than

Offering a vast range of vending solutions, has been the leading vending machine provider in Ireland and Northern Ireland for years. We can customize any machine that can sell any product you want. We can give you the most advanced features in vending technology such as touch screens, cashless payment, remote inventory monitoring, and many more!

If you want to learn more about our exciting vending solutions, just let us know. We will be very happy to consult with you so we can get your Mayo vending business up and running soon!

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