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Businesses and individuals have been starting to put up vending machines all over Ireland in the last few years. Monaghan is not one to lag behind. If you live in this county and are thinking of joining the bandwagon and putting up your own vending machine, there is no better time than now. The demand is very high and the consumers are just waiting for someone to fill this demand. And of course, there’s no reason why it can’t be you.

Monaghan Vending

Why Start a Monaghan Vending Business Today

If you are still on the fence about starting a Monaghan vending business, here are 5 reasons that are sure to convince you.

1. Low Start-Up Cost

Starting a vending machine business can be expensive but only if you choose to buy your own machine outright. However, there are a lot of available options that won’t require you to spend much. There are machines for rent that will set you back a small amount per month. You can even avail a fully managed service like what we offer, where there is zero initial investment!

2. Low Maintenance

Unlike most other businesses, the maintenance needs for vending machines are very low. Regular re-stocking and machine maintenance are basically all you need to take care of. Sometimes, even these tasks are handled by the vending company, depending on the type of service you have availed.

3. Self-Operating

Once they are up and running, you can leave your Monaghan vending machine to operate on its own. Save for the occasional maintenance processes, the machine can do everything without human interference. Some of our machines even have features like age verification, cashless payments, and other interactive features that will elevate the customer’s user experience.

4. Stable Market

The vending industry has a pretty established market so you can count on regular revenue. Of course, you need to pick your location and your products properly in order to maximize sales. It is important to offer products that are in high demand among your target market.

5. Scalability

There is very little effort required if you decide to grow your vending business. Want to add a couple more machines? Simply call your provider and they will deliver the machines to your chosen location. On the other hand, if some of your Monaghan vending machines are not earning as much as you had hoped, you can simply return them to the provider.

Best Provider of Monaghan Vending Machines

If you are finally convinced that starting a Monaghan vending business is right for you, then we are right here to provide all the assistance you need. has been a leading automat solutions provider in Ireland and Northern Ireland since 1930.

We offer the best of the classic machines, as well as cutting edge technology for a whole new vending experience. From finding the perfect location all the way to machine maintenance and repairs, can be your partner in this new venture. Call us if you are ready to begin, and we will meet you for a free consultation!

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