NayaxVend Vending Management and Inventory System

A management system for vending machines & other unattended machines

Our management software for unattended machines will also help you manage your business from afar, using our vending telemetry solution. This means that you don’t have to be on-site to make sure everything is running smoothly. Nayax’s Management Suite is devoted to managing and monitoring your business, and will allow you to do so, even while you’re on the go.

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Management System of Nayax

Packed with software features that also make inventory control of vending machines easy

Punch cards

Alert system

Receive warnings of adverse events or activities that need attending to in real-time, such as a machine being unplugged
Preempt operational malfunctions & also prevent revenue loss
Select the thresholds, scenarios, and times when you receive these warnings
Bonus credit

Reports and BI

Conduct in-depth business analysis to learn where your business can grow
Receive forecasts, trends, and sales reports
Gain insights on consumer behavior
Discover areas that need attention

Prepaid management

A solution for closed loop systems like offices, hospitals, and universities that accept prepaid solutions, as well as open payment methods for visitors
With prepaid card management, loyalty discounts, online top-up options, and usage tracking
Low energy consumption

Machine and device management

Login online and remotely manage machine attributes
Manage card readers, check on inventory, change product maps, and create picklists
Use Nayax’s smart dashboard to overview sales, machine data, and alerts
Low energy consumption

Marketing & loyalty programs

Introduce loyalty programs and discounts to drive repeat business
Also, communicate more directly with your consumers
Built-in marketing tools for creating customizable campaigns
Create loyalty cards, happy hours, sales, promotions, and branded top-up websites
Low energy consumption

Cashless and cash management

Login online and remotely manage machine attributes
Also, manage card readers, check on inventory, change product maps, and create picklists
Use Nayax’s smart dashboard to overview sales, machine data, and also alerts


An On-the-Go Mobile Management App

Mobile application for your smartphone or tablet

Allows you to manage your operations anytime, anywhere

Compatible with iOS and Android devices

Synchronized with desktop management system

Your employees can stay up-to-date while on their routes

Vending Management System Suitable for Fleet Management

A flexible approach to managing all your machines at once

The flexible solution of Nayax allows operators to assign control of specific machines or local areas to facility managers, while only sharing the relevant aspects. Operators can also edit user permissions to see specific data or reports without granting the ability to change any machine attributes. Plus, our solution can save you a lot of time – machine attributes and product maps can be updated in one go and the changes will be applied to all associated machines in a region, zone or area, or applied to further subdivisions like cities, branches or routes.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nayax

Are you considering adding a management system to your unattended machine business? Check out our FAQs and contact us for even more personalized information about how Nayax can help you grow your business with our management system.


Yes, Nayax offers local language support through our network of worldwide offices and local distributors.

Yes, Nayax has support for over 20 languages including Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish, and English.

The system is secure with system redundancy at 4 global sites, with data replication to ensure continuous, safe operation.

Yes, you can design your own reports and even have them sent to a specified mailing list at a specific time. You can choose the fields and filters and change them as many times as you’d like

Nayax is a development driven company. We are constantly developing new tools and features and we listen to our customers’ needs to prioritize the features that are most important to you.

Yes, we support VDI integration with additional back office systems.

Yes, we work with temperature probes to track any changes in temperature and will send you an alert according to the thresholds you set.

We can track your cashless sales, send alerts on machine availability, and more!

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