MOMA Vending Machine and Inventory Management App

Mobile Management for Smart Operations On-the-Go

MoMa equips unattended machine operators with a mobile app, facilitating the tracking of machine profit and performance from any handheld device with ease.

The all-new, user-friendly app is compatible with all smartphones and tablets; moreover, it helps operators reach their goal of fast and simple machine management, thereby reducing operational costs. Furthermore, it’s a powerful means for technicians to access the data they need about their machines, making it easy to complete maintenance tasks.

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MoMa Vending Machine App Features

MoMa harnesses the powerful and innovative back-office capabilities of Nayax management, thereby granting you on-the-go monitoring capabilities effortlessly.

Excellent Italian Espresso

Search Capabilities

TGlobal map view of all machines with QR identification
One cup, one temperature

Business Analytics

Smart dashboards for holistic remote managemen
Low energy consumption

Advanced Monitoring

Configure machine parameters, thus enabling remote product pricing adjustments.
Low energy consumption

Real-time Control

Get real-time push notifications for alerts, thereby ensuring immediate awareness of events, thanks to instant updates, consequently enhancing your responsiveness to critical situations.

MVending Machine App Benefits

Excellent Italian Espresso

Smart Notifications

Real-time control and advanced monitoring, in addition to smart notifications, are essential for effectively overseeing your machines’ health.
One cup, one temperature

Inventory Management

Smart inventory management optimizes resources and saves time, consequently enabling efficient pre-kitting.
One cup, one temperature

Easy Configuration

Get your machine up and running swiftly and efficiently.

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Vending Machine App Relevant Markets

Unattended Industry



EV industry

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