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Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed. ―
Mahatma Gandhi” That’s why we commit to offset as much as we can the CO2 footprint that the
products we sell through our vending machines generate during their production planting trees
around the world. Treedom is one of the partners we’ve teamed up with to bring this commitment
to life

The Forest

Together with Treedom we are creating the forest in Kenya. This is an urgent movement to grow a massive line of trees across the entire width of Africa to fight climate change, drought, famine, conflicts and migration. Each of the trees in the Forest will absorb an average of 3000 kg of CO2, the equivalent of the average amount produced by one person in 230 days.

We’re planting a variety of tree species including Mango, Cashew, Acacia, Mahogany, Kapok and Neem.

Trees will help restore land along the Daka river. Improving soil fertility and biodiversity. They will also help fight soil erosion and increase soil water retention.

We’re training lead farmers from different communities in important natural resources management practices.

Fruit trees will offer an important source of food and also income opportunities for the local communities.

Trees planted


KG CO2 absorbed

25 million

Farmers involved


Join our movement

Nature needs heroes


has its own web page and its own Tree Diary, where everybody can follow its story

is geolocated, so that you will know exactly where it is

is photographed in the moment when it’s planted

will tell the story of the project it’s a part of, through its Diary

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