Floor Standing E-Cigarette Vape Vending Machine With Card Reader E-Wallet Age Checker And Smart Management Software


Micron's e-cigarette vending machine supports uploading advertisements to the machine, which can attract customers and increase your sales.
micron floor standing type vape vending machine is equipped with smart management system, which can help you manage your machine and sales data, make your vending business more easy
the machine will send email to the operator when there are some errors happen to the machine
The standing type e-cigarette vape vending machine is the perfect innovative solution for those who love vaping. It includes a card reader, e-wallet, age checker, and smart management software, ensuring that the machine is secure and easy to use. The compact size of the machine makes it perfect for installation in various scenarios, such as convenience stores, train stations, shopping malls, and more. The e-wallet feature allows users to pay conveniently without carrying cash. The age checker ensures that only adults purchase the products, making it a safe option for the community. The smart management software enables remote monitoring and real-time data analysis. This vending machine helps to solve consumer needs for a convenient, secure, accountable, and affordable way to buy vaping products.
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