Fresh Flower Vending Machine With Cooling Locker Keep Flower Fresh, Locker Size Customizable, Can Sell Bouquet And Gift


Problem: What’s kind of vending machine is the best solution for flower?
Dose it keep flower fresh? How much energy it will cost?
Here are the answers for you!


Specification of flesh flower vending machine
Buying flow from the flower vending machine, select the flower you like from the touch screen, pay by credit card, the locker door will open, then customer can take the flower out
Micron flower bouquet vending machine support product detail checking
Sizes can be customized to fit all sizes of bouquets, Micron flower bouquet vending machine
micron flower and gift vending machine business, two machines in one controller combo vending machine
We supply not only quality vending machine, but also world class smart vending management system.
Our flower vending machine come with world class smart vending software to making vending easy. Software feature including real time sales data, real time inventory checking, eletricity bill checking, remote on/off the cooling system, remote upload video or picture to the vending machine screen.
flower vending machine, 22 inch touch screen, cooling locker Our flower vending machine in Singapore
flower vending machine, 22 inch touch screen, cooling locker, our flower vending machine in France

Micron smart cooling locker for selling plants flower in France
Micron smart cooling locker for selling plants flower in France
Bring your flower shop to the streets with our fresh flower vending machine. Equipped with a cooling locker, your flowers will stay fresh and beautiful for customers to purchase anytime.
The locker size is customizable, and you can sell anything from small bouquets to larger arrangements. With this vending machine, you can reach new customers in high traffic areas and offer a convenient solution for those on the go.
Say goodbye to wasted flowers and hello to increased sales with our fresh flower vending machine!

1. Can the lockers fit our product?
Yes, we can customize the locker’s size for your products.
2. Can we put our logo on the machine?
Yes, we can custom the sticker for you. And for our touch screen vending machine, you can upload your logo and service hot line to the screen.
3. Can I remotely check the inventory and sales data?
Yes, with our smart vending system, all data can be checked from mobile and you can even remote control the machine. For example, cooling system on/off, machine on/off. Remote put the machine out of service and other machine setting.
4. Do your machine accept my country money/currency?
We have bill/ coin/ card/ E-wallet payment option, Currently our payment solution support more then 100 countries, so most likely our machine can support your country money/currency.
5. Do you provide after-sales service/ product warranty?
We provide one year warranty. Free spare parts within one year, and life time remote tech support. We handle software maintain for your machine.
6. How long do you deliver?
For standard machine, lead time is 30-45 days, for custom made machine, please check with our sales team.
7. Why should we buy from you instead of other supplier?
We had exported our machines to more then 50 countries, with high repurchase rate. We representing the highest quality standard of China vending machine. Strong hardware and stable software system.
8. Do you develop the software yourself?
Yes, we have a big software development team. Our R&D staff occupy 40% of the total staff quantity. Both hardware and software, we develop and produce by ourself.

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