Micron Cooling Refrigerator Combo Machine For Fresh Flower Vending Machine In Unmanned Self Service Store


  • flower vending machine for fresh flower bouquet plant

micron fresh flower vending machine with double glazing front. It has good sealing and it can save energy
The double glazing front of the fresh flower vending machine has automatic defogging system
Micron flower vending machine in Singapore
Our Micron Cooling Refrigerator Combo Machine is a game changer for flower vending machines in unmanned self-service stores. The machine keeps flowers fresh and cool with its built-in refrigeration system, ensuring high-quality blooms that last. Users can quickly and easily select their flowers using the intuitive interface and payment system. This machine is ideal for unmanned stores as it requires no additional staff and can operate 24/7. The vending machine is also durable and easy to maintain. Optimize your flower vending business with our innovative technology.
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