Micron Custom Smart Snack Drink Vending Machine For Sale With Cooling System, 21.5 Inch Touch Screen Afforable Price



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e-wallet vending machine,touch vending machine,vending machine touch screen,touch screen vending machine,vending machine touch


1. Detail instruction. User manual, YouTube video(118 videos in our YouTube channel), video call, etc.

2. Spare parts. sent with every Machine.

3. One year warranty free spare parts sent to you by air if any failure.

4. Always remote tech support. Solving your problem is our mission.

5. Latest technology. OTA upgrade your machine for new feature.

6. Regular customer visits, to ensure service quality.

Purchase process1. Contact us for quotation

2. Confirm terms and product detail, seller will send proforma invoice
3. Buyer arrange deposit payment, seller start manufacture process
4. Buyer arrange balance payment, and seller arrange shipment
5. Seller guide buyer for installing, using vending machine and provide

Introducing the Micron Smart Snack Drink Vending Machine – a cutting-edge solution revolutionizing the vending industry with its state-of-the-art features and intelligent management system. This innovative vending machine is equipped with a sophisticated smart management software system, empowering operators to remotely control various aspects of the machine effortlessly from their mobile phones or PCs.

One of the standout features of the Micron Smart Snack Drink Vending Machine is its remote control capabilities, allowing operators to efficiently manage the machine’s power, lighting, and air conditioning with just a few clicks. This remote accessibility provides unprecedented convenience and flexibility for operators, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency at all times.

Beyond basic controls, the vending machine offers robust functionality, allowing operators to access real-time sales data and inventory information remotely. This feature facilitates informed decision-making, helping operators stay on top of product availability and popular items, ultimately maximizing profitability.

The Micron vending machine also stands out for its high degree of customization. Operators have the flexibility to tailor the machine to their specific needs, including customizing the goods tray, payment system, and even the machine’s aesthetic features such as color and style. This adaptability ensures that the vending machine seamlessly integrates with diverse environments and meets the unique preferences of different locations.

With a proven track record of successful implementations, the Micron Smart Snack Drink Vending Machine has garnered widespread adoption in the Philippines and Malaysia. Numerous customer cases attest to its reliability, efficiency, and the positive impact it has had on businesses across various sectors.

Micron snack drink vending machine in Malaysia
Micron snack drink vending machine in Malaysia
Micron snack drink vending machine in Malaysia


1. Can the good tray fit our product?
We have 6 kinds of good tray option, including, spiral, conveyor belt, direct push, hanging good tray, medicine good tray, Locker good tray. We can select good tray base on your product dimension and packing.
2. Can we put our logo on the machine?
Yes, we can custom the sticker for you. And for our touch screen vending machine, you can upload your logo and service hot line to the screen.
3. Can I remotely check the inventory and sales data?
Yes, with our smart vending system, all data can be checked from mobile and you can even remote control the machine. For example, cooling system on/off, machine on/off. Remote put the machine out of service and other machine setting.
4. Do your machine accept my country money/currency?
We have bill/ coin/ card/ E-wallet payment option, Currently our payment solution support more then 100 countries, so most likely our machine can support your country money/currency.
5. Do you provide after-sales service/ product warranty?
We provide one year warranty. Free spare parts within one year, and life time remote tech support. We handle software maintain for your machine.
6. How long do you deliver?
For standard machine, lead time is 30-45 days, for custom made machine, please check with our sales team.
7. Do you develop the software yourself?
Yes, we have a big software development team. Our R&D staff occupy 40% of the total staff quantity. Both hardware and software, we develop and produce by ourself.
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