Micron Smart E-Cigarette Vape Vending Machine With Touch Screen And Card Reader 170~180 Capacity


Micron wall-mounted mini vape vending machine is equipped with smart software system, it support shopping cart, customer can get discount when they purchasing multiple products at same time.
we use better excellent hardware for mini vape vending machine, this vending machine has anti-theft metal plate, the metal plate will prevent products ftom stealing.
Expect good hardware, we offer smart management software system to support operator remotely control the machine on their mobile/PC.
Micron mini vape vending machine in club in UK
Micron large touch screen vending machine
The Micron Smart E-cigarette Vending Machine is designed to provide a convenient and efficient way for customers to purchase and enjoy their favorite e-cigarette products. With a capacity of 170 to 180 units, this vending machine is perfect for busy locations such as shopping centers, airports, and entertainment venues. The user-friendly touch screen interface makes it easy for customers to browse product selections and complete their purchase quickly and easily. The integrated card reader allows for secure payment transactions, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience. With its compact design and modern appearance, the Micron Smart E-cigarette Vending Machine is sure to attract customers and generate revenue for any business. Whether you’re a store owner looking to expand your product offerings or an event organizer seeking to provide a memorable experience for your guests, this vending machine is the perfect solution.
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