Mophie Wireless B-3454 Force Desktop Dock 10W Charger Black (In Plain White Box)

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Mophie Wireless charge force desk mount – BLACK – 3454_WRLS-DESK-BLK
Elegant wireless charging for use in home or at the office. This desktop mount uses magnetic positioning to hold the user’s phone in the perfect charging position.
Compatible with mophie juice packs with charge force technology
Embedded magnets strong enough to hold a phone of up to 5.5″ with a juice pack upright or in landscape position
360 degree rotation
Ball joint allows for a variety of viewing angles and the ability to find the perfect position
Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 10.2 x 16.5 cm ; 209 g
Boxed-product Weight: 281 g
Charging at home or the office has never been easier than with the adjustable charge force desk mount. Simply touch your mophie case with charge force wireless power to the mount; it will be held in place and magnetically align for a perfect charge every time. Never fuss with cables again.
Magnetic desktop Dock with Wireless charging capabilities
Effortlessly attach, charge and rotate your smartphone in its wireless-charging case
Embedded magnets are strong enough to hold larger 5.5″ smartphones
Fully-adjustable to allow for the perfect viewing angle and position
IN THE BOX: charge force desk mount, micro USB Cable (iPhone wireless case NOT included)
charge force mounts use magnetic positioning for a safe, reliable charge.
The charge force magnetic attraction makes this the most convenient way to charge while staying productive at home or work. Simply place your mophie case against the desk mount and charging begins automatically.
Charge Force Wireless Power
Charges on contact
Together the desk mount and included high-current USB cable deliver up to 1.0A charge speeds to your mophie case and phone on contact.
Adjustable viewing angle
An adjustable ball joint allows you to tilt, turn and rotate your mophie case to find your favorite viewing angle.
Magnetic positioning
Strategically-placed magnets in the mount and magnetic plates in mophie wireless cases perfectly align for a secure hold every time.
Qi-enabled charge force mount
Certified wireless charging system with magnets strong enough to hold your mophie case in position but still allows you to grab-and-go when you’re in a hurry.
Charging at your desk has never been easier than with the charge force desk mount by mophie. No more fumbling around for cables-simply touch your Juice Pack wireless case to the charge force mount. Magnets in the mount will securely hold your device and charging will automatically begin on contact.
The mount is fully adjustable, so you are guaranteed the perfect viewing angle-you can even rotate the mount between portrait and landscape orientation. Whether it’s on your desk or kitchen counter, the charge force desk mount will conveniently keep you powered in whatever room you need it.
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