Quick Cream – Soft Pleasure To Taste

It has been created for preparation and serving of creamy and delicious premium soft serve ice-cream and sorbetto, crema gelato, frozen yogurt, milk shakes and smoothies. Quick and easy to disassemble, the machine guarantees maximum hygiene for milk-based products. Equipped with an user-friendly electronic touch pad and patented dispensing system, 1 Qk provides portion control- led servings of approximately 70 grams(2.5 oz.)each. With its smooth design and large panels plenty of space for POS materials, it is perfect for every bar and restaurant.


Height: 712mm
Width: 276mm
Depth: 471mm
Weight: 30kg
Capacity: 3/4lt
Power: 420w
Compressor power: 300w
Frequency voltage: 230volts

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