Red Bull Vending Machine

Model: RB Can Vendor Bow


Height: 1830mm

Width: 650mm

Depth: 920mm

3 selections in total
Vendor 4 columns wide
(3 x 250ml cans deep) (total 96 cans per column)

Total Capacity 384 cans




With its instantly recognizable blue and silver branding, and the trademark bull logo on the side, Red Bull cans inside vending machines are a huge hit in a variety of premises.

Promising a much needed afternoon pick-me-up for those who don’t like or don’t want a coffee, Red Bull products have taken the market by storm. A distinct, refreshing taste has ensured the drink’s popularity, as has its instant caffeine hit.

A wide range of products are available with a Red Bull vending machine – as well the original can, there’s also a multitude of different options, including sugar free, and differing sizes. The cans are kept perfectly chilled thanks to the vending machine’s internal cooling system, meaning that every crack of a ring-pull will be followed by a light, refreshing drink.

Chilled Red Bull vending machines are the ideal alternative to a coffee vending machine: offering the same buzz, Red Bull is perfect for warmer days, or when coffee isn’t wanted. Thanks to its global fame, your Red Bull vending machine will signify class and quality: people will know what they’re drinking, and that it’s of a very high standard.

Here at we do all we can to ensure that you’re happy with your fully-stocked Red Bull vending machine. To help you out, we can offer support and advice when it comes to the placement of the vending machine. We can also manage the stock levels and maintenance of the machine, for its entire lifetime. Simply get in touch to discover how we can find the perfect Red Bull vending machine for your environment, at the perfect price.

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