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In all large companies and business centers, vending machines are necessary. Even in gyms and hospitals, in shopping centers, or in train stations. These machines today, like Roscommon vending machines, are booming.

You will always notice vending machines everywhere offering their services 24 hours a day. With the current pace of life and the schedules that we lead, it is difficult to lead a healthy life. And above all, an adequate and balanced diet. On more than one occasion, we go to the vending machines to have a mid-morning drink. Or even eat and on many occasions, we find that most of them do not offer healthy products. They are limited to the typical dietary products of doubtful nutritional value.

What we offer

At, we decided years ago to bet on healthy food in our Roscommon vending machines. Although this was not the most profitable option, we always maintained the possibility of being able to buy some fried potatoes or some cookies of the best possible quality. We invested in these health options since more and more people are mindful of what they eat.

Whole or chopped fruit, salads, gluten-free snacks, or Japanese-style baked peas – are some of the healthy options that we offer. To avoid familiarity and monotony with our products, we ensure to rotate them monthly.

For us, the main thing is to offer a vending service with added value supported by two principles. Differentiate ourselves from our competitors by quality and adaptation to the changing needs of our customers. We meet with our clients and analyze the space they have, their schedules, and their company culture. We propose a wide range of possibilities so that our Roscommon vending machines offer the most appropriate service to the needs of their users.

Among the Roscommon Vending Machines services we have:

  • Healthy vending
  • Vending for companies, tailored to the customer
  • Roscommon vending machines for gourmet coffee in a Starbucks-type glass
  • Vending machines for healthy food, with more than 50 dishes to choose from
  • Cashless payment systems and banknote readers
  • Design of rest spaces and adequate furniture

Always thinking of our customers and end consumers of the product, we have a food quality management system certified. Our company also ensures that we offer a personalized and quality vending service. That is complying not only with the interests of our clients but also with the end-users. After all, we cater to a vast array of markets, including those who look for healthy and delicious food options. More importantly, we continue to innovate our Roscommon vending machines to the changing preferences of consumers.

Secure vending machines with our company

Attending to the needs of our customers, we want to offer a healthy food machine. The latest Roscommon vending machines trends have room for a balanced diet. For this reason, we offer the best quality of the products that can be found in our machines. We are also working with top-level suppliers that allow us to offer products that are beneficial to health.

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