Safety Point

Protection materials

Safety Point

Stay safe & prevent from infection

Safety Point

Safety Point by SandenVendo is a tabletop vending machine developed with social contribution in mind, in order to support public health protection against COVID-19.

With only a small footprint, the non-refrigerated machine can accommodate various protection materials, such as masks and sanitizing gel, necessary for daily safety precautions. Additionally, it offers convenience by providing essential items in accessible locations.

Main features

Unattended 24/7 service

Safety Point

Small footprint

Safety Point

Maximum flexibility

The Safety Point vending machine, with its simple yet intuitive design, finds its ideal spot in various locations such as office receptions, hotel lobbies, and restaurant entrances. Moreover, providing an extra service for customers and visitors, it seamlessly blends into diverse settings, thus elevating convenience and satisfaction levels. Furthermore, this adaptable solution prioritizes user experience, ensuring easy access to essential items while simultaneously enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any environment it graces.

The machine is ready-to-connect with the NFC payment system allowing the contactless transactions.
The air recirculation fan will facilitate ventilation of the cabinet.

A storage area is available inside to stock the products which means optimized logistical handling.

Safety Point

Proven reliability

NFC payment system (optional)

Internal storage area

Safety Point
Technical features

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