SnackUNO & CaffeUNO

Rearrange your office break time

SnackUNO & CaffeUNO

Our winning combination of CaffèUNO tabletop coffee server and SnackUNO dispensing machine represents a compact solution designed to fit in any location without compromising on product quality or storage capacity.
Introducing CaffèUNO and SnackUNO: compact and top-quality refreshment solutions. Additionally, versatile and efficient, they deliver premium coffee and snacks without compromising on space or capacity, making them ideal for any location seeking convenience and quality.


Elevate your coffee break with our sleek vending machines, available in black or white monochrome. By redefining the experience with their modern design, they seamlessly bring a touch of sophistication to any environment, whether it be offices or communal spaces. Moreover, with their unmatched convenience and style, our machines become the perfect choice to enhance your coffee break routine. Notably, experience a new level of satisfaction and efficiency in every cup, thereby making each break a moment to savor. Consequently, transform your space and elevate your refreshment options with our premium vending solutions.

Discover a new level of style and functionality with our contemporary vending machines. Available in striking black or pristine white monochrome, they seamlessly blend into any environment, from bustling offices to trendy cafes. Enjoy your favorite beverages with ease and flair, thanks to our innovative and visually appealing vending solutions.

The future awaits, but first, let’s have a coffee.


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