What Are the Disadvantages of Vending Machines?

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There are times when we just want to get something to eat or drink but don’t want to change out of our comfortable clothes or make small talk about the weather. This is why we have vending machines. They are the place to go to get rid of the loose change rattling around in our pockets and grab a quick snack without human interaction. But these machines of convenience are not all good. This article will discuss their disadvantages.

Vending machines replace people

A vending machine can be placed pretty much anywhere. They don’t need much space and they don’t require any employees to sell the products. In fact, the entire point of vending machines is to automate the buying experience and remove people from the equation. This may be a cheap and convenient alternative to the more traditional shopping experience of a store with people running the show. But if you don’t need to operate a store then you don’t need the people either. In this respect, these machines can have a negative impact on jobs. Simply, the more vending machines there are, the fewer people are hired for jobs that would normally be available.

Modern technology has and will continue to replace people in many different lines of work and even though these machines may not be high-tech pieces of equipment, they are certainly a part of that problem.

Vending machines do not stock healthy foods

Another disadvantage is that they don’t usually offer healthy options. The main reason for this is that the products need to remain edible over a long period of time. Furthermore, many are owned or have deals with the companies that sell the products and these companies usually specialize in sugary snacks and drinks or other types of ‘junk food’. Combined with the low prices and ability to place them just about anywhere, vending machines are an easily accessible source of unhealthy products. This is a major disadvantage as many countries worldwide face large-scale health problems.  This is due to the intake of products with low nutritional value.

Vending machines cost money

Vending machines are not as cheap to purchase and operate as they may appear. The cost of a machine can set you back up to $10,000 and on top of that are the running and maintenance costs. The cost of stocking the machine with products and throwing away and replacing expired products can be a costly ongoing endeavor. Furthermore, handling the refunds and repairs that will no doubt occur over the life of the machine. This can be a burden on time and money.


Vending machines give folks the option to grab a quick meal on the go. The money goes in, the product comes out and you’re on your way. But just because it’s simple and convenient doesn’t mean it doesn’t have drawbacks. Get in touch with Vending-Machines.ie today to know more about disadvantages of these machines.

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