What do Antrim Vending Machines Offer?

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Antrim vending machines provide access to goods or services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Do you want to install a PLC in a structure in Antrim frequented by the public? A vending machine is a simple and powerful tool. This machine allows you to easily control your expenses while achieving reasonable returns on your investment. Before acquiring or renting an automated point of sale, it is essential to get to know these machines.

What kind of Antrim vending machines to choose?

The first question that arises is that of the content: what do you want? Cold or hot drinks? Cereal bars and hot snacks or sandwiches? It all depends on the space available. If you do not have the space to put a kitchen area, the coffee machine and the sandwich dispenser will be ideal.


You should know that the supply of a device delivering food or fresh food (snack, fruit, or vegetable) is much more restrictive than that of a coffee dispenser. There must be regular maintenance of dispensing fresh produce and frequent food replacement.

A prepaid card or cash payment?

The coin system (coin mechanism) is the most common among non-salaried customers. But companies opt for the prepaid system, which is more practical for Antrim vending machines. This payment method and the one requiring a bank card (without contact or secret code) break down less often than the currency system.

Antrim Vending Machines at business premises

Antrim vending machines are very popular on business premises. This simple and competitive tool has become essential for any company wishing to control its expenses while increasing its productivity. The coffee break is a well-established tradition in companies and is perfectly legal. Employees need to take a break to stay efficient and take the time to eat appropriately.

They should have the opportunity to relax without wasting too much time for the employer. This highly trendy fast-food restaurant reflects a dynamic, modern structure that cares not only for its staff but also for its customers. This concept is also widely implemented in public places like hotels and restaurants. In a consumer society where everything has to go quickly, vending is very useful and seems to have a bright future ahead.

Direct sales outlets continue to develop with the dematerialization of meal vouchers. As a result, the meal break formula offers more consistent products of remarkable quality, and the devices are now intended to be environmentally friendly. Today’s Antrim vending machines significantly reduce cans and offer new healthier products, homemade or vegetarian, to satisfy consumers.

Antrim Vending Machines – A device for the business

Do you need to install Antrim vending machines in professional premises, in a gym or a reception hall mainly visited? Any company with many employees should have at least one distributor of hot drinks and snacks. Also, a water fountain to satisfy its employees and visitors.

Do you want to know more about the installation and the precautions to take before purchasing or renting? What budget to plan? Visit our website to learn more about Antrim vending machines.

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