Where do Vending Machines Make the Most Money?

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Making a business out of vending machines takes knowing industry-leading practices. For instance, you need to learn how best to select a great location. You need to strategize machine placements to attract customers. It’s also a way to boost your revenue. This numbers’ game may require trial and error to see what improves your bottom line.

Vending-Machines.ie not only supplies automats but also offers a fully managed vending service. The best way to succeed in this line of business is to get expert support. You can get that and more care from our skillful team.

Read this guide to learn our professional’s proven tactics in selecting a high-profit site!

Can you put vending machines in any location?

On-the-go drinks and snacks see a huge demand all over the world. In 2021, The global Vending Machine for sale market reached over EUR 45 billion. That’s despite COVID-19 halting the growth of other industries. Today, the convenience these machines offer can help bring in major income.

If you want to join this market, you’d likely have a few places in mind. However, there are some factors to account for when choosing the right location:

  • Traffic. Pedestrians make up a chunk of the profits from vending machines. You can make your vending machine more lucrative in a location with plenty of passersby daily.
  • Competition. Are your items unique? Is your vendor easy to use? You should maintain your competitive edge over other vending machines in the same location.
  • In-premises or outdoors. You should carefully decide whether your automaton will perform better indoors or outdoors. For example, you can offer drinks nearby places where people run and workout.

Best places to install vending machines

Here’s a quick rundown of the ideal locations most vending operators choose. These examples give better chances of increasing profits.


One of the most income-generating locations for a vending machine Business is a hotel. It’s the perfect solution for guests wanting access to food or beverage without having to go out of the premises. However, some automats can even compete with the hotel’s pantries and micro-markets.

Apartment complexes

Much like hotels, apartments have a steady stream of people getting in and out of the building. It’s filled with people who purchase everyday items on the go. Placing a machine in common areas of an apartment complex can generate good revenue for you.


Regardless of the business, a vendor can find adequate buyers right at an office. For instance, employees are likely to spend money during snack times. You can find better returns with a soda or snack machine in an office of around 75 employees or more.


There’s plenty of foot traffic in hospitals because they are open 24/7. More importantly, you can find a variety of consumers in the area. From patients to caretakers to staff, there’s a potential buyer at any time. A healthcare facility provides a great combination that can boost your income.

Do you want help in finding a location for your machine?

Profitable spots for vending machines are aplenty. However, the problem is picking the best for your specific business. Our experts at Vending-Machines.ie are more than eager to help you with your location hunting. If you’re still on the fence about getting a vending machine, let one of our representatives assist you. Above all, we’re only a call away!

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